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Vape Mail Ban 2021

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On April 27, the vape mail ban will officially be implemented, courtesy of former president Donald Trump. One of the last bills that the former president of the US signed before leaving office is the vape mail ban.

There have been concerns that pre-teen and teens at home would take advantage of the unchaperoned delivery option to buy these nicotine and non-nicotine vaping products. To safeguard the growing kids from using such stimulants, the government will implement this vape mail ban into law.

What Are the Implications?

This vape mail ban will affect a significant number of industries, but the vaping industry will bear the brunt of it. Companies that offer nicotine and non-nicotine vaping products have to rely on other transportation options other than the U.S Postal Service to deliver their inventory to clients.

And while private carriers will steer head this industry, some like FedEx have already hopped out of this loop, a move that's crippling this industry even more. With fewer delivery companies willing to hop onto the vaporizers bandwagon, it means that manufacturers and suppliers have to find alternative ways of getting their goods to the public.

Consequently, illegal shipping companies will be on the rise in an effort to fill in the gap left after the withdrawal of these two major transporting entities. The vape mail ban bill aims to reduce the sale of e-cigarettes to underage users.

Unfortunately, several of these vaporizers are in the hands of young American teens. According to the CDC, for instance, more than 1 out of 4 students use a vaporizer, a figure that resonates with at least 25% of high school students.

Several studies show that online shops are to blame for this vape mail ban. Many internet shops do not ask for ID when they deliver their products, leaving a loophole for cheeky teenagers who want to experiment with vaporizers.

The influx in e-cigarette use has led to a surge in lung diseases in teenage users, a move that's making the government take stringent measures to protect children from consuming harmful products.

The US government aims to curb this trend through the child protection bill. Once this vape mail ban bill is signed into law, courier services will desist from delivering vaporizers and e-cigarettes. The legal implications that come with selling and delivering vapes to teens amount to hefty fines, three years in prisons, or both.

Businesses also risk losing their permits if they willingly sell these goodies to teenagers. Therefore, they are bound to comply with this law to avoid any court tassels that could cost millions of people their livelihoods.

This means that online businesses that specialize in the sale of such commodities will have to close shop and open in physical premises since there won't be a private courier that will want to deliver e-cigarettes to their consumers.

A physical shop means that the business owner has to keep records of all its buyers for tax purposes. Suppliers also have to keep track of all their vendors and give all relevant records to the authorities for taxing and cross-checking purposes. Such vape mail ban moves will put a significant number of individuals on the government's radar, making it harder for them to do business casually.

What the Vape Mail Ban Means for the Consumer?

Vaping consumers also have a burden to bear because of the vape mail ban. Vapes and other e-cigarettes have been a better alternative to cigarettes for some years now. It will become increasingly hard for vape lovers to get their hands on these devices.

Vapes are known to help cigarette users tone down on the consumption of tobacco products. As such, it means that several individuals who rely on e-cigs to help regulate their tobacco intake will fall back into cigarette addiction once they are not able to access vapes.

This resonates with an increasing number of people who will have to contend with tobacco intake's health and environmental side-effects, especially second-party smokers.

When it comes to costs, the price of e-cigarettes will increase significantly to factor in several tax additions, permits, and venues that these businesses will have to pay for once they set up base physically. Sadly, several of these businesses will go under, leaving a significant number of persons jobless.

An increase in the price of these goods will make it even harder for some smokers to access their favorite e-cigs, leading them back into the arms of tobacco products. On the other hand, acquiring vapes will also be an uphill task for vendors.

With the vape mail ban, the increased taxes will wipe out an entire group of entrepreneurs who may not afford such fees. This will lead to an increase in the demand for vapes. Once they are unattainable, they become more expensive, creating a loophole for dark web sellers to obtain them illegally to satisfy the need.

Illegal suppliers and illegal shipping services create other loopholes for unscrupulous dealers to seep into the market. These all take from the government considering that they will use all possible means to stay untraceable and avoid paying taxes.

However, there will be accountability among several other individuals who will want to save their entities from sinking. Less teenagers will have access to these items, thus reducing the number of young adults suffering from lung diseases.

Is it Okay to Stock on Vape Pens Now?

There will be significant changes in the way vape pens will be sold to consumers. If the vape mail ban laws take effect, these pens will be costly. And while they won't be illegal, consumers may have to walk into stores to search for their favorite vaporizers. Even so, it may take some time to finalize the transition between online and physical stores. Therefore, if you're an avid vape pen user, you may want to stock up on a few of your best ones.

Wrap Up

The vape mail ban is a move that has stirred mixed reactions among Americans. The team that’s routing for this bill to be signed into law benefits from keeping underage students away from illegal tobacco use. They want to foster accountability among the chain of people that handle these devices and keep teens safe and healthy. Those opposing this bill insist that the move will create hurdles along the way, which will foster illegal interactions that will eventually lead teens to get vapes illegally on the dark web.

Vape Mail Ban

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  • Things like this wouldn’t be needed if, now bare with me here, this is a novel idea I’m sure NOBODY gas thought of, this would be unnecessary if, PARENTS PAID ATTENTION TO WHAT THEIR KIDS ARE DOING! I know! I know, such a hard concept to grasp and understand, let alone actually do! But, YOUR KIDS ARE NOT MY PROBLEM! I should not be inconvenienced because of you lack of parental supervision over the croch goblins you decided to spawn! Pay attention to your kids! And what they do or don’t do!

    Stoner4ever on
  • This is all because Big Tobacco has lost so much money from people quitting cigs with the help of vaping. I’ve been cig free for almost 15 years. My Dr told me I have the lungs 🫁 of a non smoker! This is after smoking 1.5 packs a day for over 10 years!!! Big Tobacco has finally won. So sad. Did you know in the UK they encourage their citizens to quit smoking and vape?? It’s because it IS better for you! But since we live in America, and we are controlled by the big business who can control the government with the almighty dollar we now have to hit the black market to supply our vape needs. Canada 🇨🇦 here I come!

    Luna Henning on
  • Tobacco SHOULD be done this way or you are defeating the purpose of BANDS stop tobacco products from the young AS THEY ARE TRYING TO STOP THE VAPE.

    DAY on

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