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Difference Between Dab Rigs and Electric Nectar Collectors

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When you're ready to enter the world of concentrates, you’ll be left with two primary options: electric nectar collectors or dab rigs. Both of these products allow you to dab wax extracts; however, there’s a clear product that wastes less wax, is by far more portable, and is more convenient to use.

Read along to find out about the similarities and differences between electric nectar collectors and dab rigs - and which is best.

 Electric Nectar Collector TITAN eStraw

What Is an Electric Nectar Collector?

An electric nectar collector is also known as a nectar straw or a honey straw. The word “nectar” is a reference to concentrate. The collector, or “straw,” is a reference to the titanium tip that instantly vapes wax on contact.

Nectar collectors are alternatives to time-intensive dab rigs and vaporizers. Nectar collectors reduce the time it takes to consume concentrates significantly because they don’t require any special preparation.

Nectar collectors come in various sizes, ranging from portable devices that fit in the palm of your hand to larger varieties that are meant to stay at home. The vast majority of nectar collectors are not electric, which has kept them at a clear disadvantage.

However, the world of nectar collector’s has changed since the arrival of electric nectar collectors, such as INHALCO's brand new designed eStraw.



What Is A Dab Rig?


A dab rig is an incredibly creative device that was built by dabbers - for dabbers. It’s reminiscent of a glass bong; however, it does not contain a bowl that holds grounded flowers. Instead, dab rigs utilize nails or bangers, which are commonly made from quartz, titanium, or ceramic.

The nail is heated to a red-hot level with the use of a mini-blowtorch, turning this method of dabbing into an absolute spectacle.

A small piece of wax is lifted with a titanium tool and placed on a hot nail, which is immediately reduced to smoke. At the moment of contact, the user inhales deeply and receives a massive hit of ultra-powerful concentrate.

Dab rigs are typically made from glass and are semi-portable. However, due to their cost and intricate design, it’s best to leave these valuable pieces at home. Furthermore, the tools required to dab with a dab rig are extensive, which makes it challenging to travel with or use outside of your home.

What Do Electric Nectar Collectors and Dab Rigs Have In Common?

Although there are many differences between electronic nectar collectors and dab rigs, there is a glaring similarity between the two. Both are used to dab wax, such as shatter, oil, crumble, pull n’ snap, terp juice, live resin, and more.

What Are The Primary Differences Between Electric Nectar Collectors And Dab Rigs?

Understanding the differences between electric nectar collectors and dab rigs is essential when it comes time to make a purchase. Let’s take a look at the most obvious (and most important) differences between the two.


Electric Nectar Collector

Portability is a significant difference between electric nectar collectors and dab rigs. Portability is a must-have feature for anyone on-the-go or leads and adventurous lifestyle; however - it’s not for everyone. Let’s take a look at how electric nectar collectors and dab rigs differ in portability.

In the case of INHALCO Electric Dab Straw , it’s 7.3” long and 0.8” in diameter. Weighing in at a featherlight 99-grams, you might forget that you’re carrying the eStraw, which is a prime example of the incredible portability of electronic nectar collectors.

Alternatively, a standard incycler dab rigs can weigh well over 454-grams due to the thick glass that they are constructed from. The weight difference is beyond noticeable, which means that electric nectar collectors are by far more portable in any situation.

If you’re on-the-move, then you’re better off slipping an electric nectar collector, such as eStraw TITAN or Mini eStraw into the front pocket of your skinny jeans than trying to place a heavy all-glass dab rig into your backpack. When it comes to portability, the electric nectar collector wins hands down.

Heat-Up Time

If you’re like us, when we’re ready to sit down for a dab session - we’re ready here and now. This means that long wait times are a no-go in our book - but not everyone thinks in the same regard. Patience is a virtue, but it can only go so far when it comes to dabbing.

Dab rigs require bulky blow torches to make the dab nail red-hot, this process takes a few minutes because the nail must then cool to an appropriate temperature. For those of you that aren’t initiated into the art of dabbing, it’s essential not to burn off the delicious terpenes with too-high heat. From heating up to cooling down, dabbing with a dab rig takes a significant amount of time.

Electric nectar collectors, such as eStraw TITAN , has a built-in heating element that takes 8-seconds to reach the ideal temperature. Compare that to the 1-2-minutes required by a dab rig, and you’ll realize that electric nectar collectors have the upper-hand in this regard as well. 

Additional Differences Between Electric Nectar Collectors and Dab Rigs

If you’re prone to sticker shock, then get ready for the sky-high prices of dab rigs. These intricate tools come in many shapes and sizes and increase in cost when they are made by famous artists. Ranging from $200-1,000 for entry-level dab rigs - these tools will put a dent in your wallet. 

Compare that to electric nectar collectors, such as INHALCO’s eStraw, which comes in at $95. Compared to the price of a dab rig, this is a significant difference that allows nearly anyone to enter the world of dabbing. 

Durability is another primary concern for most - especially when spending large sums of money. Imagine purchasing a $500 dab rig and accidentally dropping it - game over. Electric nectar collectors, on the other hand, are incredibly durable and can withstand accidental drops.

Lastly, cleaning is a breeze with electric dab rigs. INHALCO’s eStraw utilizes a titanium tip, which enables you to clean up within seconds. All you’ll need is a bit of isopropyl alcohol and a brush, and your electric nectar collector will look brand new. 

The Preferred Tool For Dabbing

In the end, personal preference will always trump facts. However, it goes without saying that the electric nectar collector appears to overcome the reputation that dab rigs have long held.

Prior to electric nectar collectors, traditional nectar collectors were incredibly similar to dab rigs because they needed to be heated in the same way. However, the electric capability is a genuine game-changer.

On top of the electric component, electric nectar collectors, such as INHALCO’s eStraw, are built exceptionally well. Equipped with a titanium tip, the eStraw is a breeze when it comes to clean up. On the other hand, dab rigs are notoriously tricky to clean.

INHALCO’s eStraw doesn’t require a torch, charges within an hour and a half, and retains the natural aromatic flavors of terpenes. Furthermore, the eStraw is beyond discreet because it doesn’t emit any odor after you’ve finished a dabbing session. 

Fast to clean, easy to use, and incredibly portable are all the characteristics that you’ll quickly notice after using an electric nectar collector, such as the eStraw.

If you’re ready to ditch the weight and inconvenience of a dab rig, then look no further than electric nectar collectors, such as eStraw TITAN, Mini eStraw, Giant eStraw. Whether you’re a dabbing pro or a complete newbie, the eStraw meets the needs of the most demanding connoisseur while also being simple to use for beginners.

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