Percolator Bongs

Nothing could make a bong cooler except for the percolators!

What do we know about the percolators? Well, first thing first, the percolators not only make your bongs

Nothing could make a bong cooler except for the percolators!

What do we know about the percolators? Well, first thing first, the percolators not only make your bongs look incredibly dope, but the fundamental function is to cool down the smoke during the process for a smoother hit. 

What is a Percolator Bong

A percolator bong is a type of water pipe used for smoking cannabis or tobacco that contains one or more percolators, which are designed to diffuse and cool the smoke before inhalation. The percolators work by creating small bubbles that increase the surface area of the smoke, allowing for greater filtration and a smoother hit. This type of bong is often preferred by smokers who value a smoother smoking experience with less harshness and irritation.

Water filtration is step number one, and the percolator is here to make the smoke touch more surface of the water to enhance it in a larger context. 

How Does the Percolator Bong Work?

A bong with a percolator really helps a lot, the differences can be tasted. Technically, more perc comes with a less harsh taste, and it brings out purely the flavors from the strains. 

The foundation of all percolators is water, therefore, in order to understand how a percolator works, we need to understand what role water is playing in this sense. After we fill the bong in with water, it creates bubbles every time we dab into it. Okay, basic physics here, the bubbles force the smoke to touch more surfaces in the water for the purpose of cooling it & filtering it which strains out all the contaminants. The harshness and the hotness is the last thing we want in our smoke. Adding more percolators in the process guarantees to prolong the time water interacts with the smoke. Thus, there is always room for more filtrations to get the taste you prefer. 

However, adding more percolators could also increase the time of the smoke before inhalation. Most definitely, craving for a cleaner vapor.  

There are different types of percs that exist, we are here to help you choose the best for your preferences. The best way to find out is to test it yourself. Thus, we introduce the different types of percolators for you.

Different Types of Percolators

For a better demonstration, pictures will be attached to give you a better understanding. 

Barrel Percolator

The Barrel Percolator is always connected to the downstem and is usually placed straight or sideways inside the water pipe. It presents with many holes to further diffuse the smoke, which is ideal for those who seek extra filtration and prefer cool steam.



Showerhead Percolator

The Showerhead Percolator can function as two chambers. It contains one large tube and a small tube. The smaller tube is connected to the main chamber, while the larger tube draws in smoke through various holes to achieve maximum filtration.



Honeycomb Percolator

The Honeycomb Percolator is one of the most beautiful percolators. It provides more diffusion than the flat disc perc. It is characterized by a flat disc with nail holes arranged together, and the nail holes form a pattern as a honeycomb. That’s where the name came from. They are arranged in a row and parallel to the bottom of the spray gun so that the bubbles have a direct cooling path. You can find one with multiple discs that can help you enhance the overall aesthetic, it could be one disc or two to three discs, and each disc carries over 30 holes. 



Matrix Percolator

Matrix Percolator Bongs have been underrated for a long time and it has now become very popular because of their unique style and design. The matrix percolator is cylindrical and is a 360-degree shape. It combines two of the most popular designs which are the slashed disc perc and the perforated barrel perc. As I mentioned before, more percs means more filtration. Now we know the power of the Matrix Perc for filtration.  





Swiss Percolator

The filter of the Swiss Perc is designed with holes on the side of the tube, which looks like Swiss Cheese. The function of the Swiss Perc is that it creates curves inside the bong which the smoke will move around with the air which could cool it down. 



Inline Percolator

You can tell what is the Inline Perc when you see it. The working principle of the Inline Percolator is a horizontal tube with diagonal lines along the wall. The smoke would interact more with the air, making it smoother and cleaner. The best part is that you can pair it with other types that can be added on top of them. The combination is always the best.




Tree Percolator

The Tree Perc can also be called the column perc because it looks similar to the vertical tubes or columns. The function of the tree filter is similar to all other filters; it allows more space for smoke to move to the filter and cool. The filtration also depends on the scale of the glass columns. 


There are so many more types of percolators, and different types of percolators can be recombined into new sets with just a little bit of imagination. Choose your favorite one in the percolator bong down below, we have everything you need. 

How to Use a Percolator Bong?

The usage method for a percolator bong is pretty much the same as a usual bong. Water as the most important part of a bong is also the first step before using a bong with the percolators.

Step 1, add water. Thus, to know how to use a percolator bong, the best way to find out is to understand how to fill a percolator bong with water. The most ideal method is to add water to fill the water until the downstem is covered, also make sure the percolator is submerged by water. Before you actually put your flower in, always remember to test it out before you inhale. Making sure that no water could touch your lips. If it does, the water should be poured out a little.

Other than the water part you need some time to figure out, the rest of it is as simple as a regular water pipe. In conclusion, how to use a percolator bong includes 3 steps: add water, heat it up, and enjoy. Browse your options by scrolling down this page, I believe you’ll leave this page happily with a beautiful percolator bong. 

How to Clean a Percolator Bong? 

Cleaning a percolator bong could be a hassle compared with the regular bong. With the various chambers, curves, and holes inside of it, the cleaning process tends to take longer than we thought. The good news is we are prepared for this! Read the instruction below, and clean your perc bong step by step with us!

First of all, get your hands ready for everything mentioned in the list below. 

List of Things

Step By Step to Clean a Percolator Bong

Cleaning a bong with a percolator can be a bit more challenging than cleaning a regular bong, but it can still be done with a few simple steps. Here's how:

1. Remove any loose debris: Dump out any remaining water and remove any loose debris, such as ash or plant matter.

2. Disassemble the bong: Take apart the bong, including any removable parts like the bowl or downstem.

3. Rinse everything with hot water: Rinse all the parts of the bong with hot water to remove any remaining debris.

4. Add cleaning solution: Add a cleaning solution specifically designed for bongs, such as isopropyl alcohol or a specialized cleaning product, to the base of the bong.

5. Add salt (optional): If you're using isopropyl alcohol, you can also add a handful of coarse salt to help scrub away any stubborn residue.

6. Cover the openings and shake: Cover the openings of the bong with your hands or plugs and shake the cleaning solution around for several minutes to dislodge any built-up resin or tar.

7. Rinse again: Rinse everything with hot water again to remove the cleaning solution and any remaining debris.

8. Dry everything: Allow all the parts to air dry completely before reassembling the bong.

By following these steps, you should be able to clean your percolator bong thoroughly and keep it in good condition for longer use.

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