Puffco Peak Glass

We've all heard of Puffco and its mighty Puffco Peak empire, 

We've all heard of Puffco and its mighty Puffco Peak empire, which has built an incredible reputation since Puffco Peak hit the shelves in 2018, as Puffco Peak's superior engineering and product design ushered in the "smart rig" era and became an essential of gear for many beginners and seasoned connoisseurs alike. With the release of the upgraded version Puffco Peak Pro, there are thousands of Puffco Peak glass parts and accessories available on the market now, read on to see these Puffco Peak custom glasses.

Puffco Peak and Pro will continue to be supported by connoisseurs as a dab unit universally recognized by the dab community, but who says you have to use the same peak glass replacement all the time, precisely because the success of Puffco Peak has driven the unstoppable trend of Puffco Attachment and heady glass. Not only have countless connoisseurs chosen Puffco Peak and upgraded with more beautiful and functional glasses, but these Puffco Peak Custom Glasses have also been upgraded with more features and with more rich designs to increase the playability of the Peak.

Why replace your Puffco Peak Glass?

Puffco Peak attachment is very important, but connoisseurs are well aware that the original Puffco Peak replacement glass is very basic, and people have begun to replace the basic attachment glass and start looking for something more advanced to play with. These custom Puffco glassware are fully compatible with both Puffco smart rigs (Puffco Peak & Puffco Peak Pro), simply install on your Peak and these glass chambers will work flawlessly. 

INHALCO has spent hours rounding up the best accessories at great prices and the best performance to decorate your classic Peak with, and we can finally smoke fatter dabs with them now that we can finally attach our Peak to a really sick custom glass replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Puffco Peak and Pro use the same glass?

Yes, the glass replacement for both Puffco Peak and Pro units is cross-compatible.

Puffco Peak Pro Glass and Puffco Peak Glass are the same, as are the same Puffco Peak and Pro interface parameters, and with simple removal and installation, either Peak or Peak Pro will work perfectly with these custom Puffco heady glasses. You don't have to worry about upgrading or iterating your Puffco peak and not being able to use these glass attachments.

What is Puffco Peak Glass?

Puffco Peak Glass is the glass part of your peak unit, they are similar to the chambers of your dab rig, and exist as a water filter for your Puffco peak, filling the right amount of water will filter your vapor. 

How to clean the Puffco Peak Glass?

Soak your Puffco peak glass in isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes, 91% iso is recommended, rinse your glass with water after soaking, fill the chamber with water and then block the excuses of mouthpiece and airpath respectively with your fingers then shake it.

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