1. Q: Why is the device flash 3 times when turning on?

         A: Poor connection between the heating coil and the base. Please unscrew the titanium tip, pull the coil out, then plug back in, should the issue persist, contact support.

  1. Q: How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

          A: Recharging take about an hour and a half

  1. Q: How is the battery life of the device? 

          A: 16 dabs

  1. Q: How long will it take to ship my item after placing an order?

          A: We will ship your order within a business day after the order is placed.

  1. Q: What is the heat-up duration?

         A: 8 seconds, device will vibrate, then the blue light will turn steady when ready.

  1. Q: How to clean?

         A: Please refer to our cleaning process.

  1. Q: How long the warranty of Titan eStraw? What does it covers?

          A: Inhalco provides one year of warranty for only the electronic base and heating coil is not covered.

  1. Q: Why the Titan eStraw becomes very hot after a few use.

          A: Please wait 1 minute between uses. Do not heat-up device more than 3 times consecutively.

     9. Q: How to use Titan eStraw?

         A: 5-Click to turn on/off,you will see the light blinks 3 times. Then hold the button until device vibrates. To intiate heat-up, hold the button until device vibrates. Plusing blue light indicates heat-up is active. Device will vibrate, and the blue light will turn steady when ready. Then you can enjoy dabbing.

  1. Q: I got my device from Amazon, how do I get my warranty?

A: As stated in our warranty policy, We cannot offer warranty services on any INHALCO branded items sold from any marketplace-style sites including, but not limited to, eBay, Amazon, and DHgate.

  1. Q: My device stopped working, I tweaked it but it still doesn't work, how do I get my warranty?

         A: Please do not tamper your device in any way as this will void your warranty. If you experience issues with your device, contact us at support@inhalco.com. Make sure to include your order ID, so we can help addressing the issue. Videos or pictures are recommended if available.