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Pulsar Mini Inline Perc Rig 6.5"

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The Pulsar Mini Inline Perc Rig is a compact and functional oil rig designed for an optimal dabbing experience. Standing at 6.5 inches tall, this rig offers convenience and portability without compromising on performance.

Constructed from durable borosilicate glass, this rig can withstand the rigors of daily use and provides excellent heat resistance. The inclusion of an inline perc enhances the filtration process by breaking up the smoke or vapor into smaller bubbles, resulting in smoother hits. The inline perc design also helps cool down the vapor for a more enjoyable and comfortable dabbing session.

The Pulsar Mini Inline Perc Rig comes in assorted colors, adding a touch of personalization to your rig. Please note that the colors may vary, providing each rig with a unique and distinct appearance.

Equipped with a fixed downstem, this rig offers stability and ease of use. Additionally, a 14mm quartz banger is included with the rig. The quartz banger serves as a heat-resistant container for your concentrates, allowing for efficient vaporization and preserving the true flavor profiles of your oils or waxes.

Whether you’re a seasoned dabber or new to the world of concentrates, the Pulsar Mini Inline Perc Rig provides a compact and efficient solution for enjoying your favorite oils. Its durable construction, inline perc, and included quartz banger make for a satisfying dabbing experience on the go or at home. Elevate your dab sessions with this stylish and practical oil rig.


  • 6.5 inch glass oil rig
  • Durable boro glass
  • Inline perc
  • Sold in assorted colors (colors may vary)
  • Fixed downstem
  • Quartz banger included (14mm)

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