12 Best Dab Rigs in 2021

12 Best Dab Rigs in 2024

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The intake of dry herbs and vaping is advancing fast, and it's like every other day, there's a new tool, technique, or gadget. In the beginning, it was merely grinding, smoking, or rolling, but currently, it's also oils and concentrates.

From electronic dab rigs to water pipes and titanium nails, it's a swift advancement that's challenging to keep up with. The multiplicity of the dry-herb community makes it a fun and special thing to be part of.

Plus, with the community growing every day, the demand and popularity of dry-herb is also increasing. Dab rigs are a fascinating trend among dry-herb users and vapers, especially among the young users. They are typically pipes that let users smoke, extracts, oils, and concentrates comfortably.

Here are the 12 best dab rigs that every dry-herb user and vaper should have;

1. Hephaestus Glass Oil Rig

Hephaestus Dab Rig

This exceptional dab rig features a swingarm bucket, and it is named after "Hephaestus," the Greek god of fire. It has a sidecar mouthpiece, decaled downstem, and it is specifically made for oils and waxes.

Also, it is made of sturdy Borosilicate glass. The swingarm is engineered to move in and out of the primary chamber and is built using the usual Hephaestus metal though it has a harmer design. The dab rig comes in pink, purple and blue colors.

2. QOMO Electronic Dab Rig

QOMO Electronic Dab Rig

This portable-size vaporizer is arguably the best electric dab rig out there. It is new in the market, and it has an attached water bubbler made from glass.

With a battery capacity of 1350mAh and three temperature settings, the dab rig was designed for portability and outstanding performance. The three temperature settings are 350°C, 320°C, and 280°C, also referred to as red, green, and white. What's more, it comes with an O-ring, a gift box and a USB-C charger.

3. X-Vape Vista Mini 2

X-Vape Vista Mini 2

This e-rig is impressive in terms of design, performance, and quality. It blends the latest technology with the best materials in a portable, magnificently-designed tool.

The dab rig is also durable; since it's made of Borosilicate glass and has an impact-resistant case. With a separate glass bubbler, a Quartz atomizer, a detachable mouthpiece all sealed using silicone, this e-rig offers smooth and flavorsome hits.

When it comes to technology, the Vista Mini 2 is unmatched. It has wireless charging; therefore, whether you're using your smartphone or the charging pad, you will fully charge this gadget without the inconvenience of using cables. The battery, on the other hand, lasts for as long as 30 dabs.

Besides, it has 4 heat settings essentially enhanced for all kinds of concentrate materials and users. It only takes 10 seconds to heat up, and once it’s done, it notifies you using its feedback system. The cheap dad rig is a classy e-rig with the most recent technology and portable size, and you will get all these features at a fair price.

4. Evolution Turbine Hybrid

 Evolution Turbine Hybrid Dab Rif

This Heat Wave Turbine dab rig is an excellent addition to your collection with its durable glass and economical price tag. If you're looking for a good smoke session, this glass dab rig will not disappoint with its flared mouthpiece, showerhead percolator, fortified downstem, and turbine disc percolator. All these fantastic features combined will deliver an exceptional session.

Besides, this magnificent dab rig has two percolators; the bottom one with a showerhead design and the turbine disc design one. The former features slits that split the smoke, which extends in the water, therefore providing lots of bubbles—this aids to cool the smoke for a smooth flavorsome hit.

The latter spruces up the center of this dab rig, sending the smoke into a vortex, which lets it smoothen before escaping from the sidecar mouthpiece. Another thing to love about this dab rig is the mouthpiece. It is has a slightly flared design for a snug mouth seal. Also, it is positioned at a slant angle, which makes the sessions comfier.

5. Snoop Dogg Pounds "SFO" Dab Rig

Snoop Dogg Pounds "SFO" Dab Rig

This is the most recent addition to Snoop Dogg's product line. The dab rig is a top-quality and affordably priced dab rig with its magnificent and durable design. It lets the user smoke herbs, oil, and wax.

Made using borosilicate glass, this stunning and reliable dab rig has been manufactured by a veteran smoker, which is why you should be sure it will last a long time. Its wide beaker base is extremely stable, and it also features a herb bowl, carb cap, dab tool made of glass, and a Quartz banger.

Furthermore, it has a showerhead percolator, which features slits that break down the smoke into tiny particles, translating to a swifter cooling effect that delivers a gentler hit. The wide beaker bottom offers plenty of space for the smoke to flow better before escaping via the slightly slanted mouthpiece.

Moreover, this amazing dab rig for sale also has multi-colored accents on the bottom, bowl, percolator, and mouthpiece, adding a chic touch to it. It also comes in various colors, so you can choose one that matches your preferences.

6. Medicali 9 Mil Beaker Base

Medicali 9 Mil Beaker Base Dab Rig

This exceptional dab rig from Medicali features an attractive design, and it's extremely functional. It offers portability, functionality, and stunning design. It also features a 9-mm thick borosilicate glass that is extremely robust. Besides, its compact and beautiful design, with a slightly wide base and a somewhat slanted neck, makes your smoking session enjoyable.

The diffuser downstem has slits, handy in eliminating debris and breaking down the smoke into tiny particles simultaneously. This increases the smoke's surface area and cools it making it smoother. With this dab rig also comes a Male Flat-top banger, perfect for multiple carb cups, letting you get the most from your concentrates.

7. Snoop Dogg Spaceship Puck

Snoop Dogg Spaceship Puck Dab Rig

This is another great product by Snoop Dogg, and it is among the most magnificent dab rigs in the market. It has a compact yet sturdy build. While a smaller dab rig translates to less water and little to no splashback, it also increases smoke per hit.

Additionally, a compact gadget is easier to clean, which is an essential factor to consider when buying a bong. There is a wide range of compact bongs in the market, but you should go for this one, especially if you're a beginner.

8. Dr. Dabber Diamond Perc Dab Rig

DrDabber Diamond Perc Rig

This glassware dab rig is hand-blown and among the best of the Diamond Glass products. With a height of 34 cm and a width of 9cm, it will definitely draw your attention. Even though this fantastic gadget has an alluring design, it is the interior that gets the job done.

When the smoke moves into the water, it meets the showerhead percolator, making the smoke rise in tiny bubbles. It also adds extra cooling and filtration. This device holds enough water to cool the smoke and increase stability efficiently.

9. Eyce Silicone Rig II

Eyce Silicone Rig II

Eyce Silicones Rig II is an attractive dab rig and is perfect for users who love dabbing, but at the same time, the ones that don't want to worry about durability. It features a robust silicon build, which is the reason behind this amazing gadget's sturdiness.

It is retailed as a complete kit with a dab tool and GR2 Titanium, and an in-built storage compartment where you can place your dabs. The in-built diffuser situated at the bottom of the downstem allows for excellent cooling and filtration, delivering smooth and flavorful dabs every time you use it. They come in different colors, which are continuously evolving, though they all look good.

10. Elev8 Cheese Recycler

Elev8 Cheese Recycler Dab Rig

This dab rig is unique since it has a Klein recycler. This is a kind of welded glass technology that is external and internal to the primary dab rig. The key role of this recycler is recycling the water while the smoke passes through it.

This increases the time the smoke spends filtering the water, meaning the dab produced will be smoother and cleaner than the one from a standard dab rig. It features a disc percolator with four holes, which are handy in breaking down the smoke into tiny particles, making it easier to filter before it reaches the Klein recycler.

11. Swiss Fab Egg Dab Rig

Swiss Fab Egg Dab Rig

This impressive gadget has an appealing design, and it also has a Seed Of Life percolator. If you want the best filtration, a SOL percolator is a way to go. This is mainly due to the Fab Egg design, which breaks up the smoke into small bubbles. This expands the surface area of the smoke that passes through the water for filtering and cooling.

Besides, it has a female joint; therefore, it should be easy to find a banger. While some might see this as a disadvantage, you can see it as an advantage in the sense that you can buy one that meets your design and color needs. The dab rig is 6.5 inches tall, and it will fit your hand perfectly. 

12. Comet Dab Rig Kit

Comet Dab Rig Kit

Ooze's compact rig is specifically designed for people who love concentrates, and it is also very reliable. It only takes 10 seconds to preheat it, and it perfect for users who love to dab on the go.

However, it would help if you watched out not to burn the nail due to back-to-back hits. Its compact size allows you to carry it conveniently and take a hit discreetly. This dab rig is built to impress in terms of performance, design, and portable size.


Even though these are not all the available options in 2022, they are the most reliable and best designed currently. Out of all the dab rigs on this list, the Hephaestus is our top pick for 2022.

It depends on what the user is looking for. Some individuals prefer bigger gadgets, while others prefer smaller ones which they can use on the go. Therefore, if you have been looking for the best dab rig, maybe to add to your collection, or replace a faulty one, check out our 15 best dab rigs and choose the one that meets your needs.

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