10 Stunning Lava Lamp Bongs On The Market In 2023

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When we were kids, do you remember we could stare at the lava lamp in the living room in a daze for hours? The effect of the flow of light and shadow in that glass bottle is so psychedelic, accidentally letting you get lost in the old days of the 70s and retro. I often hide in my parents' dark bedroom and watch them quietly. These eternal lights and shadows accompanied me through a beautiful childhood, and these memories are still vivid.

This popular relic of the year was invented by British engineer Edward Craven Walker, who used the principle of heat to make the liquid and colored wax in the lamp flow like lava, creating an eternally flowing psychedelic light and shadow. And the charm of this lava lamp that was popular in the 70s and 80s has not diminished. Yes, in order to return to that golden age, we regard the lava lamp as an important inspiration for water bong. Just imagine, you will cycle from this beauty. Take a puff of smoke from the lava lamp! This is a Lava Lamp Bong! Today will introduce ten dab rigs and bongs inspired by Lava Lamp, see if they can soothe your nostalgia? 

1. Hearts Lava Lamp Rig ($98.88)

Hearts Lava Lamp Rig

This stylish Hearts Lava lamp rig is my go-to because it's not only designed with ingenuity and detail but also very functional. First of all, there is a bunch of floating 3D hearts designed in its chamber, which imitates the flowing lava in the lava lamp with the floating heart, which is full of girlish and lovely vibe. The main color adopts the vibrant green glass, just imagine your next sesh that full love and peace. But it only shows its brilliance when you put in your concentrate, and its outstanding performance comes from the rich bubbles produced by its Showerhead Perc so that the smoke can be cooled and filtered enough to make sure every hit can impress you! In addition, this lava lamp rig has a total of three colors to choose from, it's time to add it to your collection.


  • 9 inches tall
  • 14mm female water pipe
  • Lava lamp pipe design
  • Made from borosilicate glass
  • Includes 14mm male quartz banger
  • Showerhead perc w/ hearts decoration
  • Color May Vary
  • 1 Count

2. HEMPER 70's XL Lava Lamp Bong ($149.99)

HEMPER 70's XL Lava Lamp Bong

Both the design and craftsmanship accurately restore the groovy aesthetics of the lava lamp. You can appreciate it as an art piece, unlike many lava bongs, it presents a rare angularity in glass blowing craftsmanship. This precise craftsmanship will make you mistakenly think that this is a genuine lava lamp.

You don't even need to mention that its inline percolator is designed as a lava dome and imitates the lava flowing in a lava lamp. This double percolator is not only for the added filtration, but it also creates a silky experience that instantly brings you back to the 70s. Secondly, it connects the base of the joint, and the glass of the mouth is frosted, which can better reflect its charming texture. It is a truly unique decoration just on your sesh table. It is one of your essential collections.


  • Height: 10.5"
  • Width: 3.5"
  •  Double Percolator for extra filtration
  • Inline Percolator to Lava Dome Percolator


  • 70's XL bong
  • 14 mm male bowl

3. Transparent Double Perc Lava Lamp Bong ($89.99)

Transparent Lava Lamp Bong

After introducing many beautiful and dazzling lava lamp bongs, if you are a minimalist, then you need to check this out, this clear lava lamp-themed bong from our old friend CALIBEAR is known for its high-quality borosilicate glass and durability.

Simple and transparent design, different from other lava lamp-themed bong, its lava ball decoration is a fully transparent sphere, it also helps buffer your smoke when it is hung in the center of the chamber. The elongated and extended diffuser runs through the chamber and the outside so that the smoke can be re-cooled, it also features seed of life perc, provides dense vertical tiny holes with more precision, your smoke can directly collide with water for better filtering.


  • Height: 7 inch 
  • Joint: 14mm female joint
  • Comes with one 14 glass bowl

4. Bluegrass Glass Jammer Lamp ($1,889)

Bluegrass Glass Jammer Lamp

This Jammer Lamp is emissions a mysterious code to the universe, the theme of this bong is Lava Lamp X Universe. On the basis of Earthy orange, Jammer Lamp adds flowing stars with special craftsmanship, and the whole glass piece is as bright as the Milky Way. The Bluegrass lamp series will never let you down because it can always restore the moment of flowing lava to the greatest extent, while the purple and transparent lava are dotted with stars. This Jammer Lamp that interprets the romantic of the universe stands 8'' with a 14mm female joint, the performance is still very good, but the function has maintained a consistent level, the stoner who loves the psychedelic starry sky this is the one!


  • Height: 8"
  • Width: 2.5"
  • Fitting: 14mm Female
  • Diffusion: New Style 6 slit
  • No Splash Guard

5. Experimental Green and Illuminati (UV Reactive) Wonder Lamp ($2,800)

Experimental Green and Illuminati Wonder Lamp

Next, this exquisite Wonder Lamp is excellent in terms of appearance and performance, a rare masterpiece. You can appreciate it as a work of art, the dark green corrugated winding design makes the corrugation look very detailed, making the whole glass look very advanced and also showing the beauty of dark green low-key. And the turquoise lava decoration design in the chamber is perfectly combined with the diffuser, at the same time the mix and match of two different greens are very harmonious, this piece of glass is 8'' high with a 10mm female joint, especially, the diffuser is designed to be linked to the bottom of the bong and It is matched with six cracks to ensure that rich air bubbles are generated so that the smoke can be fully filtered, making every hit as soft and smooth as dark green water plants. Add this artwork piece to your collection, it's the best choice whether as a decoration for your room or a used dabbing device.


  • Height: 8"
  • Width: 2.5"
  • Fitting: 10mm Female
  • Diffusion: New Style 6 slit
  • New Style Splash Guard
  • Made in California
  • Ti Signed and Dated

6. Glass Illuminati Wonder Lamp ($2,000)

Glass Illuminati Wonder Lamp

If you are a loyal fan of lava lamps, then you must not miss this Glass Illuminati Wonder Lamp, lava lamp bong can almost be regarded as a genuine lava lamp, the lava in the chamber has been imitated very realistically, the kind of lava rising The feeling of flow is very realistic and restored, and it even has the function of fluorescence. Can you tell whether it is true or false? The outer glass of the bong is completely transparent, and the luminous lava will be even more dazzling. Just imagine that when you dab in a dark room, every hit of yours will make the smoke shuttle in the fluorescent light, you will get the ultimate enjoyment and experience.


  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Terp Tickler Carb Cap Included

7. Chunk Lamp Set ($5,500)

Chunk Lamp Set

This Chunk lamp set can be said to be the welfare of intensive fearers, the chamber is decorated with lava sculptures made of glass, the shape of lava liquid flow is very vivid, and it looks very dazzling due to the decoration of various intricate patterns. The large area of light yellow and complex patterns like totems make this glass present a rustic ethnic style.


  • 10mm Joint
  • Grasslab Etched Lamp Banger
  • Matching Marble Spinner Cap 
  • Bluegrass Moodmat & Pelican1200

8. KNYSNA SEAHORSE - 8" Colorful Showerhead Lava Lamp Dab Rig ($54.99)

KNYSNA SEAHORSE - 8" Colorful Showerhead Lava Lamp Dab Rig

The reason why Lava lamps can become the memory and symbol of an era is because of the chill and hallucinating vibe that lava lamps can always create. This Showerhead Lava Lamp Dab Rig also gives you the same feeling. The dragon-shaped glass inside the chamber The decoration abandons the realistic expression but adopts pictographic art while imitating the flowing nature of lava, which adds to its psychedelic atmosphere. The Showerhead Perc is designed to produce richer bubbles, and your concentrate is cooled and filtered into a silky smooth smoke. The stable base makes it your proud item on your shelf, and the excellent performance makes it your best device.

  • A unique piece that functions as both a smoking device and interior decoration. 
  • Portable and easy to transport. 
  • 14mm male dry herb bowl.
  • Showerhead perc for a cleaner smoking experience. 
  • A flat base confers stability. 
  • High-quality materials confer durability.

9. Mathematix Glass Groovy Tube Dab Rig ($164.95-$218.95)

Mathematix Glass Groovy Tube Dab Rig

Finally, I believe you are no stranger to this Groovy Tube Dab Rig. As a popular water bong, you must have seen it on various social media if you like lava lamps. It is hollow, and it is not using three-dimensional glass to build up the simulated lava as its interior decoration, but the shape of the lava is depicted on the exterior through glass painting before firing. This handcrafted art style presents a unique lava feature, each piece is a unique art It is your perfect collection. Secondly, this Groovy tube dab rig also shows its sincerity in performance, thick glass design and features a multiple hole poke perc, you don't have to worry that this artwork will lose its practicality.



  • Height: 8.25"
  • Base: 2.50"
  • Joint: 14mm male
  • Slide: 14mm female
  • Perc: Multiple hole poke
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm


  • Height: 11.50"
  • Base: 3.75"
  • Joint: 14mm male
  • Slide: 14mm female
  • Perc: Multiple hole poke
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm
  • Artist: Mathematix Glass
  • Made in California

10. Rainbow Funfetti Lamp ($5,500)

Rainbow Funfetti Lamp

The finale is this dreamy Rainbow Funfetti Lamp, inspired by the rainbow-colored sparkles on your cake, this childish lava lamp bong does take me back to that golden age for a second, but isn't it the reason why we still love lava lamps now? We all love their retro, groovy. In addition to rainbow funfetti elements, the lava decoration in the chamber is also treated with special fluorescent light, when you are dabbing the lava bubbles will glow like a real lava lamp, glow in the dark. Don't hesitate Now, throw in your herbs and concentrates and enjoy this ultimate psychedelic.


  • Stands at 8.2"
  • 10mm Joint
  • Features Funfetti Pattern over Custom Diluted Transparent White pairs with Gold/Sliver Fume Wrap & Rake Accents 
  • Illuminati Glow (CFL)
  • Includes Pelican Case

Bottom Line

Lava lamp as memory and symbol of an era seems to be far away from us, but it has always inspired us, we may have missed the 70s, but allow these beautiful lava lamp bongs to bring you back to that golden age, whether it's your proud collection or a unique piece of decoration, or your top-performing dab device, they will never let you down.

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