The Best Quartz Bangers of 2023

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What is a Quartz Banger?

Quartz Banger

A banger is a dish that holds the concentrates on the rig and is, therefore, a type of nail. A quartz banger is thus a dab nail made from quartz. Manufacturers usually use a single quartz piece to make the bangers.

To appreciate how a banger works, here is a look at its three parts and their function.

  • The first part is the bucket, which gets its name from the shape that resembles a mini-mug.
  • The second part is the joint, which is at the end of the banger and is a tube that connects to the water pipe or rig.
  • Finally, you have the neck, which is the longest section. It connects the bucket and the joint.

Advantages of a Quartz Banger

A quartz banger offers better dabbing experiences compared to titanium and ceramic ones because of the following advantages:

Quartz is Tough and Durable.

Quartz is a sturdy material that can withstand rough treatment without scratching or having a dent. It can also handle high temperatures even when you repeatedly hit one spot. Quartz also retains its shape after continuous heating.

It Allows For More Dabbing.

Using a quartz banger lets you get the most from your dabs. Quartz can sustain higher temperatures and retains heat better than other materials. Because of this, you can heat larger dabs and add more to the bucket without the need to reheat the banger.

Provide a Higher Quality Dabbing Experience.

Quartz is inert in nature and thus chemically inactive. This aspect ensures it will not interact with the concentrates adding its own flavor like titanium. Because it can handle extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, you also enjoy low-temperature dabs with more flavor and aroma.

It is Easy to Maintain

Because quartz glass is inactive, the concentrates do not stick on it as it is also not porous. Cleaning is thus easy, and there is no wastage of concentrates that get absorbed in the material like in ceramic. Here is a look at the best quartz bangers in the market from the top brands and across different budgets.

1. Splash Guard Banger Set ($59.99)

Splash Guard Banger Set

As a must-have dabbing nail set up for true dabbing enthusiasts, this Splash Guard Banger Set offers everything you need to experience the thrills of dabs. Get your temperature controlling Terp Pearls spinning to help you lower your temps and increase the intake of tasty terps!

This combo includes a flat top quartz banger nail with a thick bottom, a perfectly fitting lime green vortex carb cap, and two clear terp pearls. As you inhale through your rig, the uniquely-designed carb cap will spin the terp pearls inside the quartz banger, pushing around your concentrates to increase the surface area and heat retention. This process ensures none of your concentrates are wasted, and everything is vaporized for maximum vapor production. 

2. Terp Slurper Marble Set ($49.98)

Terp Slurper Flower Marble Complete Set

Want an all-in-one banger kit for your rig? Look no further and check ​this Terp Slurper Marble Set. It gives you all you need to get started while getting the most possible from your concentrates!

The terp slurper set features a lower stem and a tray built into the bucket. This 14mm male banger functions best when the concentrate is loaded into the bottom and utilizes vortex technology to deliver a natural air spiral to vaporize your wax. 

Not one but two round ruby marbles serve as airflow regulators, creating the smoothest hits you've ever had from your dab rig! The slits on the bottom allow airflow into the lower chamber of the slurper, and the pill-shaped terp bead does an excellent job of retaining and distributing heat.


  • Material: High-Quality Quartz
  • Top Diameter: 20mm
  • Bottom Diameter: 30mm
  • Join Size: 14mm
  • Join Angle: 90 Degrees
  • Maximum Flavor
  • Incredible Heat Retention

3. Core Reactor Quartz Banger ($24.98)

Core Reactor Opal Quartz Banger

In the market for a quartz banger that heats longer and more efficiently than the traditional quartz banger? Don't miss this Core Reactor Quartz Banger. 

The banger is an innovative banger design that incorporates a quartz heat sink in the bottom of the bucket. This chunk of quartz in the bottom retains a steady heat for a long time because this heat sink creates a heated canal between it and the wall that keeps the ideal temperature for longer than typical bangers. The extended heating period makes a low-temperature dab last longer and tastes better.

Valuable yet affordable, this quartz banger can easily become one of the most impressive budget-friendly, high-quality bangers you've seen to date.


  • 14mm Male
  • Core Reactor Style
  • Opal Bottom

4. Round Bottom Cold Start Banger ($21.98)

Round Bottom Cold Start Banger

This Round Bottom Cold Start Banger is another innovative invention of quartz nails that many dabbers take a liking to. The rounded bottom design allows your oils to be concentrated and heated in one area efficiently to ensure that you get the best out of every gram. 

Moreover, this banger takes things to the next level by using a subtle "pinch" at the midsection of the cup that acts as a splash guard. This will prevent your material from overflowing or clogging your stem. 

Designed to prevent wasted product and start your dabs at a low temp without long time waiting, this cold start banger is perfect for people who don’t like using inserts but still want great, splash-free and sustained low-temp results.


  • Beveled Edge
  • Round Bottom
  • 100% Real Quartz
  • Joint Size: 14mm Male
  • Joint Angle: 90 Degree
  • Fit for Most Carb Caps

5. Cold Start Banger Kit ($39.98)

Cold Start Banger Kit

The Cold Start Banger is the newest quartz nail that dabbers are raving about. This banger kit is the best seller at INHALCO. The "Teardrop" style cold start carb cap makes it the perfect topper for most deep dish quartz bangers. It allows you to redirect the smoke and get the most out of your concentrates!

Other features:

  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Joint Angle: 90 Degrees
  • High Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Includes: Quartz Banger, Teardrop Style Cap, 2 Terp Pearls

6. Highly Educated - 90º Quartz Gavel 3 ($180)

Highly Educated Quartz Gavel 3

Highly Educated is among the most premium brands for quartz bangers in America, and this Gavel 3 continues with that tradition. Gavel 3 has an increased opaque surface compared to Gavel 2. The extra opaque surface reduces the heating up time considerably compared to traditional clear quartz glass. It also retains heat well, giving you optimal low-temperature dabs.

The banger also comes with a 25mm diameter quartz bucket that is large enough to cater for high volume and increase the airflow for efficient functioning. Other features include:

  • 9% pure quartz glass
  • Fully worked seals that have bevel edges
  • Available as a 10mm or a 14mm male joint
  • 90 degrees joint angle
  • Features chamfered edges
  • Has HE logo engraved

7. ELEV8 – Double Wall Thermal Banger ($30.00)

    ELEV8 – Double Wall Thermal Banger

    This double-wall thermal banger is one of the best quartz bangers in the market and further proof of ELEV8 excellence in production. There is plenty to like about it, including the thick quartz double-walls that offer sturdiness and its deep, wide dish. The deep, wide dish retains heat longer and provides a smooth dabbing experience. It also facilitates faster heat-up time. Other top features and specs include:

    • It is available in 6 common sizes.
    • It offers plenty of quality for an affordable price.
    • It has a 45 degrees joint angle.
    • It can fit 10, 14.5, 18.8mm male and female joints.
    • It is 3 inches long

    8. Terp Slurper Quartz Banger ($15.98)

      Terp Slurper Quartz Banger

      The Terp Slurper Quartz Banger from INHALCO is one of the latest innovations in the bangers niche. It has unique features that create the efficiency and quality of the banger. The standout aspect is the presence of four airflow slits at the bottom, which pushes the oil or wax up the column for vaporization.

      This design ensures the banger vaporizes all your concentrates and no oil escapes. The vacuum in the column slows down the travel and vaporization. In turn, this action allows you to use the oil longer and lowers the temperature for most flavor.

      Other top features include:

      • 14mm male joint
      • Flat-top design
      • 90 degrees angle joint
      • Wide dish

      9. Evan Shore Angle Cut XL Quartz Banger 10mm ($180)

      Evan Shore Angle Cut XL Quartz Banger 10mm

      Evan Shore has almost legendary status in the quartz banger industries, and his brand is one of the most prestigious ones in the market, as the prices attest.

      His first banger came out while he was only 22, and now in his mid-thirties, the experience shows, and this Angle Cut XL Quartz Banger is one of the best products in his lineup.

      The unique sleek design sets the tempo, and it has a wide bucket with an outside diameter of 24mm. The joint size is 10mm with a 90 degrees angle. It is also a deep dish with a flared bottom that further increases the surface area.

      The hole size and placement enables high airflow intake, while the banger is also highly rated for heat retention with a 1:10 to 1:20 minute cooldown rate. This attention to detail is what makes clients pay top dollar for the product.

      10. Quartz Banger with Spinner Carb Cap and Terp Pearls ($18.98)

        Quartz Banger with Spinner Carb Cap and Terp Pearls

        Here is another INHALCO product that is generously accessorized. It features a simple but elegant design with a flat bottom. It is quite a bargain for its cost, considering it comes with two terp pearls that glow in darkness and one spinner carb cap.

        It is all about the experience with the quality quartz handling temperatures of up to 1100C for lengthy periods. The Spinner Carb Cap makes the pearls spin, dispersing the oil more efficiently, and it also keeps your dabs cool for a richer flavor. The banger has 90 degrees joint angle while the size is 14mm. 

        What's most important, it is only $18.98 at INHALCO. You may cost more than $30 on other online headshops.

        11. Cheech Glass - 14mm Quartz Banger

          Cheech Glass 14mm Quartz Banger

          Cheech Glass is a top Canadian brand, and this double-jointed quartz banger is a testament to their class. Its unique design features the classic Cheese slant on its deep bucket, complete with a sandblasted Cheese Glass Logo.

          The top of the bucket slopes at 45 degrees allowing for easy access. Its dual-jointed nature means it can fit both 14 mm and 18mm joints. It measures 2.75 inches, and thanks to the deep bucket, you can enjoy low-temperature dabbing. The thick quartz body design ensures it retains heat for longer periods. It is affordable and easy to clean and maintain.

          12. Flat Top Quartz Banger 10mm & 14mm Male ($39.98)

          Quartz Banger Flat Top

          If you are looking for an ultimate budget item, you can do no wrong with this Flat Top Quartz Banger from Dank Banger. It is the perfect entry point for anyone trying out quartz bangers and does not want to invest much. Yet, the quality is outstanding from its deep and wide dish, which can hold any dab size.

          It increases airflow while allowing for excellent cooling and increasing heat retention. In just one part of a banger, the brand managed to gain the most critical aspects of a quality banger.

          The flat-top design also helps in enriching the flavor, but most importantly, it allows the bucket to be compatible with a variety of carb caps. The banger is available in 10mm or 14mm joint sizes and a 45-degree or 90-degree joint angle.


          • Joint size: 10mm, 14mm Male
          • Angle: 45°, 90°
          • Flat Top
          • Opaque Bottom

          13. Round Bottom Banger ($18.98)

          Flat Top Quartz Banger Round Bottom

          Pamper yourself with this powerful Round Bottom Banger.  It features a thick wide flat top and a nice deep cup with a round bottom.

          Many people prefer this style because the rounded bottom forces all your dabs to gather in the bottom, where the heat is concentrated. It is made for constant use and designed for multiple styles of dabbing. The flat-top creates a balanced surface for a carb cap of any style to stay in the same position and gives you the freedom to focus on your dab.  

          If you are all about getting every last drop of goodness from your dabs, then this scientific banger will take care of you.

          14. Diamond Knot Banger ($19.98)

          Diamond Knot Banger

          If you want to add something different to your banger collection, the Diamond Knot Banger is made for you. This quartz banger has a standout yet effective design featuring a wide-angle bucket. 

          Essentially, the diamond knot banger is a variation of thermal bangers but equipped with a special center portion that traps the heat effectively and keeps the internal temp of the banger higher than average. This design allows for more airflow and steady heating of the concentrates. Increased airflow also diffuses the smoke faster for supercool vapors. The result is long-lasting heating and richly flavored hits. 

          Angled at 90 degrees, the diamond knot quartz banger is available with a male joint of size 14mm. It offers all the essential things you want in a banger at an affordable price.


          • 14mm Male Joint
          • 90 Degree
          • Angled Top
          • Quartz Diamond Knot

          How to Tell if Your Banger is Quartz

          While the best quartz bangers offer you value for money, you should be on the lookout for counterfeit products. Often, such bangers use inferior quality glass, and the sellers pass them off as quartz. There are four tests you can use to determine if you have a quartz banger.

          1. Check to see if the material has air bubbles.

          You will need a 10x magnifying glass for this test. Visually inspect the glass, and if you see round air bubbles, then it is not quartz. Quartz can contain some imperfections, but even these do not present themselves as round air bubbles.

          1. Check for the hardness ranking.

          This test is a bit technical and requires knowledge of the Mohs hardness ranking. German geologist Friedrich Mohs invented the hardness ranking scale. And on this scale, glass ranks at 5.5 while quartz has rank 7. Therefore, quartz should scratch glass easily. Your banger should be able to scratch an ordinary glass bottle easily, or else it is not quartz.

          1. Perform the water test

          Quartz can withstand extreme temperature changes without losing shape or incurring damage. For this test, you need to heat your banger until it is hot even, red hot if possible. Then dip it in the water at room temperature. If it does not crack, then you have a quality quartz banger.

          1. Use a gem tester

          Where possible, you can carry out a straightforward test if you can access a gem tester. The tester works by measuring the thermal conductivity of different materials to identify them on a scale present on the screen.

          Glass is an insulator, so it does not conduct heat well. When you press the tester's probe firmly against the banger, the indicator will rest at the lowest reading if it is glass. If it is quartz, there will be some heat conduction, and the needle will move to the section on the scale marked as Quartz, Citrine, and Amethyst.'

          What to Look For In a Quartz Banger

          To find the best banger that will serve your needs and last for a while, look out for the following aspects;

          1. Thickness: Always go for thick bangers with thick dishes, tubing, and walls. The average thickness is 2mm, so do not choose anything lower, but pick a 3mm to 4mm banger where possible. They may take a bit longer to heat up but are durable.
          2. Find bangers with universal sizes: You want a banger that can easily fit all or multiple joint sizes so that you can easily use across other pieces as may be necessary. If you only have one rig, then ensure the joint size fits snugly to it.
          3. Go for bangers with deep buckets: For the ultimate dabbing experience, use bangers with deep buckets. These will allow you to use larger dabs and maximize on vapors. Deep buckets are also easier to clean.
          4. Look at the brand name: When it comes to quality quartz bangers, the brand name is a significant factor. It does not have to be a big company (the best are rarely from large companies), but it has to be a reputable brand. Look online for their reviews, customer service, and range of products they offer.

          If you follow the above tips and use our list as a starting point, you should be able to find a quality quartz banger without much hassle or costly mistakes along the way.


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