How To Cold Start Dab

How To Cold Start Dab - An Ultimate Guide

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The cannabis culture is known for constantly developing newer methods and tools for consuming cannabis extracts, with cold start dabbing being one of the most well-known trends. What is cold start dab? How to do it? Read our guide and you will find the answers.

What Is A Cold Start Dab? 

Cold start dabs, also known as "cold dabs" or " reverse dabs," are low-temperature dabs performed in reverse with a rig and banger. Instead of heating your banger before dabbing, this method requires you to heat a pre-loaded nail. This technique is ideal for anyone who tends to go in too hot with traditional dabs or ends up with a banger full of un-vaporized extracts as a result of letting the nail cool for too long. Cold start dabs are a lifesaver in a variety of ways, and they cut your dabbing time in half.

Is Cold Dab Better Than Hot Dab?

Why should you cold-start a dab? Is cold dab better than hot dab? The best part about cold start dab is that you won't lose the flavor of your concentrate because you'll get all of the smoke without the loss that traditional dabs cause. Another advantage of cold-start dabbing is its smoothness, which means you won't be coughing because you overpowered your lungs and throat, as many people do with traditional dabs. The cold-start process, from set up to dab, takes half the time of traditional dabs, making it a time saver as well. Finally, because there is less wear and tear on your equipment, you are less likely to experience chazzing.

What You Need To Do A Cold Start Or Reverse Dab?

Now that you know what cold start dabbing is, let's talk about how to do it!

We highly recommend investing in a quality rig that supports cold start, such as a Cold Start Banger. The next step is to understand the procedure.

But first, you'll need to gather a few useful tools and items that will allow you to do cold start dabbing, such as:

  • Dab Rig to hold the nail 
  • Dabber used to reduce dabber loss during the transfer of dabs from the storage container to the banger
  • Banger or Nail that serves as the vaporization chamber
  • Butane Torch as the heat source
  • Carb Cap to confine and retain the heat within the nail
  • Q-tips for nail cleaning

How To Do A Cold Start Dab?

cold start dab

Compared to traditional dabbing, the cold dabbing method is quickly gaining popularity because it is nearly foolproof and quick and easy. Simply keep an eye on your concentrates and follow these easy steps.

  • Assemble your setup and ensure that your banger is clean, as reheating residuals may detract from the flavor of your fresh extracts.
  • Fill the dabber with your dab
  • Insert the dab into the bucket of a clean, unheated nail.
  • Put your carb cap on top of the nail.
  • Set your torch to half-torque and aim the flame tip a few inches away from the banger's base.
  • Keep an eye on your concentrates and, as soon as they begin to bubble and vaporize (usually after about 10 seconds of heating), turn off the torch and take your hit. You could get multiple hits from a single cold start, depending on the size of your dab and lung capacity.
  • As you clear the rig's chamber completely, rotate your carb cap. Exhale.
  • To keep your banger clean, swab it.
  • Allow the banger to cool completely before repeating.

Use An Insert To Cold Start Dab

banger insert

When experimenting with the cold start method, you can also use a quartz insert. Simply follow the steps above, but instead of loading the dab directly into the banger before heating, load an insert. Drop the insert into the bucket, screw on your carb cap, and heat the bucket with a torch, as described above.

Because the insert acts as an additional barrier between the flame and your concentrates, you will most likely need to heat the banger longer than 10-15 seconds. It's another thing that needs to be heated for your extracts to vaporize.

Tips For Cold Start Dabbing

If this is your first time dabbing, educate yourself on expectations.

Always begin with a fresh nail. When your extracts begin to bubble or vapor appears in the bucket, it will be more challenging to see if your banger is dirty. This may cause you to overheat the nail and waste concentrates. If you're not the best at regular maintenance, consider starting with a new nail or soaking your existing one in a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol for an hour or so to clean it.

To begin, keep it simple. When first experimenting with a new technique, don't overfill your banger with extracts in case some go to waste or something goes wrong. They are pricey.

For the best results, use a directional airflow carb cap. This tool will assist you in getting the best quality hits and getting the most out of your concentrates.

Make sure your torch has enough butane.

After each dab, always clean out your nail.

Pros Of Cold Start Dabbing

If you're in a hurry, this shortens your dabbing time.

There's no need to stress about getting your heat-up and cool-down times just right.

It's less taxing on your equipment. Less heat equals less wear and tear, as well as no chazzing.

Cons Of Cold Start Dabbing

You'll be the one who has to wait if you want to take multiple cold start dabs.

If you're dabbing with friends who all want to try this method, each person must wait for the nail to cool entirely between dabs.

Wrap - Up

Cold start dabbing is a relatively new process. It's easy to be confused about what needs to be done and whether it's any good compared to the other existing methods for smoking shatter, wax, budder, resin, and live rosin. We hope that this guide has shed some light on the subject by outlining the steps to take when cold starting dabbing and emphasizing its benefits. In addition, you can read related articles to get good quality bangers, carb caps to upgrade your cold start experience.

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