Top 8 Cute Bongs

Top 8 Cute Bongs in 2024

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Tired of smoking out of boring bongs? This is the perfect year to invest in something that will make you smile!

Cute bongs are more than just functional designs you pick up at your local headshop. They are collector's items with tons of character.

In fact, spooky monsters and sea creatures are waiting for you to take them home! All of these pieces are made out of high-quality glass that is sure to get you even higher. 

These eight bongs are more than just smoking companions, they will help add to the beauty of your smoking experience!

Trends for the Best Bongs of 2024

Did you know that glass bongs are one of the healthiest ways to smoke weed? Not only are glass bongs healthier, but they are also super cute!

The cutest bong designs match aesthetics with functionality. All of these bongs are practical and positively adorable to smoke out. Enjoy smoking in style with these cute bong designs!

Glassblowers are outdoing themselves this year, to say the least. A variety of beautiful bongs have appeared on the market.

Some of the current glass bong trends include cute creatures and designs. For example, nostalgic characters from our childhood are now finding themselves integrated into glass bongs!

Another 2024 trend for cute bongs is the minimalism aesthetic. Small bongs that can be held in the palm of your hand are taking preference to larger bongs.

Bubblers, bongs, and rigs in a single color with a sleek design are some of the most popular trends for cute bongs.

1. Crescent Moon Bong($69.98)

Moon Bong

This bong is perfect for any nature lovers who smoke cannabis. The crescent moon bong is available in two colors and is a wonderful addition to any collector’s trove.

It is the perfect size to enjoy on your own or share with friends. Can you imagine how many dreamy smoke seshes you will be able to have with this adorable piece?

There is plenty of room to add water and facilitate a more comfortable smoking experience. The pink shade is wonderful for anyone who identifies with divine feminine energy.

The purple shade, however, is uniquely designed to resemble the moon’s luminescent glow! Enjoy deciding between the equally beautiful colors!

2. HEMPER Wish Ball Bong ($54.99)

HEMPER Wish Ball Bong

Venture beyond the ordinary with the HEMPER Wish Ball Bong, where tranquility meets intensity. Though only standing at 7", this bong masterfully blends elegance, efficiency, and exceptional performance. Its compact form hides its grand power, delivering both vibrant bowl packs and luscious, full-bodied clouds.

The HEMPER Wish Ball Bong captivates with its distinctive 3" wide sphere design, evoking the allure of a mystic crystal ball. Let your senses be charmed by the gentle pull from this mesmerizing piece. Beyond its visual charm, the spherical contour ensures optimal heat distribution, promising consistently harmonious sessions. Relish the visual delight as smoke gracefully dances through its intriguing round body, offering an experience as enthralling in sight as in taste.

3. Cannabox Mini Octopus Bong($39.99)

Cannabox Octopus Bong

If you are a total beach babe or beach bum, then consider investing in the cutest sea creature around! 

That’s right, the mini octopus bong is the sweet cannabis companion that you have been looking for. This little dude is available in two colors that resemble its natural relatives under the sea.

Cannabox is a trusted source of quality glassware and their products are sure to impress any marijuana enthusiast.

Are you ready to go under the sea? This bong will be waiting for you and the Mary Jane Mermaids! As always, make sure that you smile while hitting this friendly guy!

4. Hemper Jellyfish Jar Bong ($54.99)

Hemper Jellyfish Jar Bong

Speaking of sea creatures, have you ever wanted to try some jellyfish jelly? The Hemper jellyfish jar bong is for you!

Hemper is known for its quality products. Enjoy deciding between two nostalgic color options that will remind you of Saturday morning cartoons.

There is plenty of room to add water to this stunning SpongeBob-themed glass bong! It is also conveniently able to fit inside of cup holders whenever you need to travel.

This bong is sturdy and tough and is ready to go wherever life takes you. Are you ready? I’m ready! I’m ready! 

Feeling extra fancy? Invest in the blue jellyfish model to taste some of the rarest jellyfish jelly in all of Bikini Bottom!

5. Hemper Snail Bong ($169.99)

Hemper Snail Bong

Speaking of SpongeBob, don’t forget about Gary the snail! How cute are crustaceans? This bong is a wonderful addition to your cartoon cannabis collection.

Can’t wait to take Gary home with you? You will have to tell SpongeBob first! Gary is expertly crafted with an area to add water for perfect percolation.

The Hemper snail bong is not as travel-friendly as its jellyfish counterpart, however, you are sure to enjoy some milky hits whenever you use it!

6. Mademoiselle Bong ($79.00)

Mademoiselle Bong

Are you feeling especially feminine lately? If so, the mademoiselle bong is for you! This delicate bong is designed with floral touches throughout.

The white and pink design is minimalist yet makes a soft statement. Enjoy smoking out of the matching flower bowl as well!

The size of the bong is perfect for people who want to enjoy smoking all day or night. The bong is so pretty that you will want to become an instant marijuana model with this gorgeous mademoiselle bong!

You will be hard-pressed to find a cuter bong than this beauty. The color palette is perfect for spring, and the long stem is perfect for massive hits all year long!

7. Happy Cactus Bong 6" ($54.99)

 Happy Cactus Bong 6"

Whisk yourself away to a desert dreamscape every time you light up with the Hemper Happy Cactus Bong! This delightful hand-blown cactus creation is more than just eye candy; it's your ticket to cloud nine.

Meticulously molded, standing at 6 inches, this bong possesses a robust flower pot foundation, promising steadfastness as you savor your cherished herbal concoctions. Whether you're a fan of classic flower bowls or lean towards the efficiency of an e-nail setup, the Hemper Happy Cactus Bong has got your back.

Engineered for peak performance, our bong comes with a showerhead percolator, promising silky, well-filtered draws. And with its 3mm thick glass armor, rest assured it's built to last, making every session a memorable escapade.

8. Pink Heart Bong ($68.99)

Pink Heart Bong

Gift this adorable pink heart bong to your stoner bae or to yourself to show your love! This bong is made of sturdy borosilicate glass and is perfectly pink and heart-shaped. It stands 9 inches tall and has a wide, thick base that will keep it stable. 

When you light the bowl and draw, the smoke will diffuse in the water before reaching your lips on the smooth flared mouthpiece. This elegant glass piece never fails to provide silky-smooth rips that you'll enjoy! With this stunning bong, you'll want to keep it on display even when it's not in use.

Top Benefits of a Glass Bong

Glass bongs are one of the best cannabis investments you can make. They are easy to upgrade, store and protect.

One of the biggest complaints about glass bongs is how easy they are to break. However, silicone covers quickly solve this problem.

Keep in mind that quality bongs that are made out of thick glass are also much more difficult to break as well.

That being said, enjoy browsing through dozens of cute bongs for sale like the ones we mentioned. Your options are limitless!

Where to Find Bongs for Sale

Are you ready to invest in cute bongs? You are in luck; investing in cute bongs has never been easier. You can easily find cute bongs online that can be shipped to your home!

Now that you are aware of the top cute bong styles, which bong would you like to invest in? Whichever style caught your eye, make sure to purchase your cute bongs from a reputable supplier.

Buying cute bongs online is such a great way to grow your collection. Do it as safely as possible to continue spreading the good vibes.

Ready to Invest in Cute Bongs?

Now you know all about the top eight cute bongs in 2024. Which ones were your favorite? All of these cute bongs are available at our online shop for your convenience.

Remember, investing in cute bongs should be a fun and rewarding process. Make sure you always buy your cannabis products from reputable suppliers. 

Inhalco is home to the cutest cannabis accessories, bongs, and dab rigs. Enjoy browsing through our selection of quality cannabis products and being updated on the latest trends!

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