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What is A Dab Rig and How to Dab?

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What is a Dab Rig

Dab Tools and Accessories

How Does A Dab Rig Work?

How to Use a Dab Rig?

How to Clean a Dab Rig?

Dab rigs concentrate to the next level. A powerful and exciting method of using concentrates, dabbing, delivers the most mind-blowing effects. It is the purest method of imbibing these delicate, high-quality, and expensive concoctions.

What is a Dab Rig?

Swiss Fab Egg Dab Rig

A dab rig is a glass device with a combination of tools and accessories designed to vaporize concentrates, it delivers so much in terms of purity and intensity. Just like bongs, dab rigs filter vapor through the water at its base. Compare with bongs, dab rigs are smaller than the bongs, providing less drag, so the smoke moves to the lungs in a quicker manner and retains more potency. Dab rigs are not for beginners; they are best in the hands of legends who appreciate the strong, streamlined effects and heavy flavors that the extract and dab rigs provide.

Dab Tools and Accessories

There are several components required to use dab rigs. Herein are parts of a dab rig that are required to hit a dab.


The most important part of a dab rig is the bong part. Similar to an actual bong, most of these rigs are made of a glass water pipe that vaporizes concentrate.

Dab Nail:

It is an element of heating that is attached to a rig. It can be made out of glass, ceramic, quartz, and titanium. Each material has its own unique set of slightly different qualities that help them retain heat for a given period. The longer the retention, the better. There are different types of dab nails whose heating temperatures vary differently.

Quartz Nail

It heats up very quickly; however, it has very less heat retention. This allows the dabbers to get to ideal temperatures quicker and enjoy their terpenes' true flavors. It never gives off harmful gasses since it's the type that heats up fast.

  • Electric Nail:

Enail Kit

Unlike quartz nails, it's the most expensive nail. E-nail is an element of heating that is powered by an electric current. It has a box controller that drives the electricity flow to a coil, which then heats the nail. For an electric nail, you don't have to wait for temperatures to cool off to concentrate on the nail; it regulates its own heat to desirable good temperatures.

Dabber(Dab Wand):


A Dabber(also known as Dab Wand) is a must have dab tool for every dab lover. There are a variety of types of dabbers in the market now. Stainless steel, titanium, quartz and glass are the most commonly used materials. Choosing which dabber is usually determined by the concentrates that you intend to use.

Dab Wax:

Dab Wax

This is the concentration that is added to a dab rig for vaporization to take place. It is a dose of concentrate of half-size a grain of rice put in a banger and vaporized for inhaling.

Dab Container

Concentrate Container

They are nonstick containers made of either silicone or glass and can be used for storage containers for wax. They are accessories used by anyone who is regularly dabbing, and it is already known that waxy build ups can plague incorrect storage space.

Carb Cap:

Carb CapIt's like a lid; it covers your dab as it vaporizes. A carb cap traps heat and allows you to have a long time for your dab session before it needs to be heated again. It lets you dab at lower temperatures; high temperatures interfere with the terpene's concentrate flavors, to the extent of burning the extract.

Quartz Insert:

Quartz Insert

They are bucket-shaped containers that are loaded with concentrate and placed inside a banger. They are made to fit in a banger. The insert creates a thick barrier of the quartz between your banger's bottom side, concentrates on the direct heat, and helps with temperature control. With this barrier in place, your concentrates are well vaporized by induction instead of the direct-contact heat. In fact, you can try and skip your 'cool-down' time at once and place the insert inside your banger right after hitting it up with a torch and still get a super low-temperature dab.

Terp Pearls:

Terp PearlsThey are tiny pearl-like balls that assist you in achieving low-temperature dabs that preserve terpenes. The goal is to achieve lower-temperature dabs; terp pearls are a hit. With terp pearls, dabbers will experience less "puddles" and more flavorful hits. There will be no room for burning high-quality concentrate.

Torch Lighter

Butane Torch

Unlike E-nail that use electric current, a torch is used to heat a traditional nail to the desired temperatures. The torch heats the nail that vaporizes the concoction for dabbers to inhale and feel a lot of goodness.

How Does A Dab Rig Work?

Dabbing offers a powerful experience and a flavor-packed experience. Heat is not directly applied to the concentrate. Dab rigs vaporize the concentrates without the need for combustion. By heating its nail for a given period of time, a hot surface glows, turning the concentrate on the nail into vapor. As you inhale, the vapor is drawn from the water chamber to your lungs.

How to Use a Dab Rig?

Step 1

Secure your nail to the dab rig.  Ensure it is well-positioned and fastened to avoid wobbling before you heat it up.

Step 2

After heating the nail fully using a heating element, it is advisable to heat the nail uniformly until you notice a reddish glow on the hot nail. Depending on the nail's thickness and your torch's power, heat your nail for 30 seconds. Some nails have materials that heat quickly while others are slow on heat. If you are using a quartz nail or banger, heat it until it turns red.

Ensure the nail is not so hot to burn the extract but hot enough to vaporize the concentrate immediately; it lands on the nail. It's a delicate balance, which is why an electric nail can work best since its heat is always under control. It might be expensive but worthwhile.

Step 3

Let the nail cool down. The amount of time you need depends on the thickness and material of your nail or banger. However, a general rule is to let your nail cool twice as long as it took to heat it. The nail retains its heat after torching, therefore, be cautious not to burn your skin. Low-temperature dabs have a very high flavor but smooth on the lungs.

They give a good hit to veterans when inhaling. If using an electric nail, you don't have to wait for it to cool down. The current will heat the nail to the precise temperature you tell it to. Your nail's target temperature should be around 300-450 degrees Fahrenheit (149-232 degrees Celsius) to get the most flavor out of your concentrates!

Step 4

After the heat is lowered, using a dabber, place as much concentrate as you want on the dab's rig hot nail. When you heat properly, the concentrate evaporates very fast. Place your mouth slowly on the dab rig, and calmly start to inhale the vapor. Don't be quick to inhale. Else you will choke and mess with your throat or even the lungs, be slow on the concentrate.

In case you cough, the heat on the nail might still be hot; allow it to cool off. Place a carb cap on the banger to vaporize the dab better while inhaling. The cap should be airtight until all the extract has evaporated. It traps all the heat to ensure you get a breathtaking experience. To clear all the vapor out of the rig, lift the cap for air to escape. You start experiencing the impact of the dab within seconds after exhaling.

Step 5

Clean your nail. Always keep the nail clean to avoid the residue from changing the flavor when having another session of dabbing. First, allow the nail to cool down a bit, then use a cotton dipped in alcohol to wipe the inside of the warm nail and clean away excess residual from the nail. Besides, cleaning the nail makes your dab rig last for a long period of time.

How to Clean a Dab Rig?

You will need the following substances to clean and leave the components of your dab rig sparkling clean:

  • 99% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
  • Water
  • Sea salt
  • A sealable plastic bag
  • Cotton swab

Step 1: Heat Up Your Nail

Heating the nail will help you to get rid of the combustion that might be clogging your nail. If the carbon burns remain on the nail, it will affect the flavor of the concentrate you smoke. Torching will allow the build up of residual to burn off completely to prepare the dab rig for the next round. However, you can still soak a cotton swab in alcohol and clean your nail's surface to get rid of the residues completely.

Step 2: Detach the nail, soak it in alcohol.

Dabbing repeatedly causes the nail to have buildups. In case you touch, and still, the pin isn't clean enough, soak the nail in a container filled with alcohol then seal it. You can add salt and often shake the bag to remove the residue.

Step Three: Drain the water from your dab rig.

It is advisable to change the water in your rig daily. Especially if you use your rig more often, drain the old water in a sink. This helps prevent the residues and ensure the flavor and purity of the vapor is a bit top-notch.

Step Four: Add alcohol to the rig

The bottom of your rig might have buildups too after heating. Fill it with alcohol. For deeper clean, add some sea salt until it covers the bottom part.

Step Five: Shake your rig.

You cover all the openings of your rig. You can use your hands or fitting caps then shake your rig well to dissolve the build ups around it.

Step 6: Rinse the Rig and Nail.

After shaking and clearing the build-ups from your rig and nail, rinse them well using warm water. Keep shaking the rig as you rinse to wash off the remaining residue as required.

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*This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. All products are intended for legal usage. Before consuming cannabis in any form, please consult with a licensed health care provider, smoke at your own risk.

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