12 Best Dab Rigs in 2021

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The intake of dry herbs and vaping is advancing fast, and it's like every other day, there's a new tool, technique, or gadget. In the beginning, it was merely grinding, smoking, or rolling, but currently, it's also oils and concentrates.

From electronic dab rigs to water pipes and titanium nails, it's a swift advancement that's challenging to keep up with. The multiplicity of the dry-herb community makes it a fun and special thing to be part of.

Plus, with the community growing every day, the demand and popularity of dry-herb is also increasing. Dab rigs are a fascinating trend among dry-herb users and vapers, especially among the young users. They are typically pipes that let users smoke, extracts, oils, and concentrates comfortably.

Here are the 12 best dab rigs that every dry-herb user and vaper should have;

1. Hephaestus Glass Oil Rig

Hephaestus Dab Rig

This exceptional dab rig features a swingarm bucket, and it is named after "Hephaestus," the Greek god of fire. It has a sidecar mouthpiece, decaled downstem, and it is specifically made for oils and waxes.

Also, it is made of sturdy Borosilicate glass. The swingarm is engineered to move in and out of the primary chamber and is built using the usual Hephaestus metal though it has a harmer design. The dab rig comes in pink, purple and blue colors.

2. QOMO Electronic Dab Rig

QOMO Electronic Dab Rig

This portable-size vaporizer is arguably the best electric dab rig out there. It is new in the market, and it has an attached water bubbler made from glass.

With a battery capacity of 1350mAh and three temperature settings, the dab rig was designed for portability and outstanding performance. The three temperature settings are 3500C, 3200C, and 2800C, also referred to as red, green, and white. What's more, it comes with an O-ring, a gift box and a USB-C charger.

3. X-Vape Vista Mini 2

X-Vape Vista Mini 2

This e-rig is impressive in terms of design, performance, and quality. It blends the latest technology with the best materials in a portable, magnificently-designed tool.

The dab rig is also durable; since it's made of Borosilicate glass and has an impact-resistant case. With a separate glass bubbler, a Quartz atomizer, a detachable mouthpiece all sealed using silicone, this e-rig offers smooth and flavorsome hits.

When it comes to technology, the Vista Mini 2 is unmatched. It has wireless charging; therefore, whether you're using your smartphone or the charging pad, you will fully charge this gadget without the inconvenience of using cables. The battery, on the other hand, lasts for as long as 30 dabs.

Besides, it has 4 heat settings essentially enhanced for all kinds of concentrate materials and users. It only takes 10 seconds to heat up, and once it’s done, it notifies you using its feedback system. The cheap dad rig is a classy e-rig with the most recent technology and portable size, and you will get all these features at a fair price.

4. Evolution Turbine Hybrid

 Evolution Turbine Hybrid Dab Rif

This Heat Wave Turbine dab rig is an excellent addition to your collection with its durable glass and economical price tag. If you're looking for a good smoke session, this glass dab rig will not disappoint with its flared mouthpiece, showerhead percolator, fortified downstem, and turbine disc percolator. All these fantastic features combined will deliver an exceptional session.

Besides, this magnificent dab rig has two percolators; the bottom one with a showerhead design and the turbine disc design one. The former features slits that split the smoke, which extends in the water, therefore providing lots of bubbles—this aids to cool the smoke for a smooth flavorsome hit.

The latter spruces up the center of this dab rig, sending the smoke into a vortex, which lets it smoothen before escaping from the sidecar mouthpiece. Another thing to love about this dab rig is the mouthpiece. It is has a slightly flared design for a snug mouth seal. Also, it is positioned at a slant angle, which makes the sessions comfier.

5. Snoop Dogg Pounds "SFO" Dab Rig

Snoop Dogg Pounds "SFO" Dab Rig

This is the most recent addition to Snoop Dogg's product line. The dab rig is a top-quality and affordably priced dab rig with its magnificent and durable design. It lets the user smoke herbs, oil, and wax.

Made using borosilicate glass, this stunning and reliable dab rig has been manufactured by a veteran smoker, which is why you should be sure it will last a long time. Its wide beaker base is extremely stable, and it also features a herb bowl, carb cap, dab tool made of glass, and a Quartz banger.

Furthermore, it has a showerhead percolator, which features slits that break down the smoke into tiny particles, translating to a swifter cooling effect that delivers a gentler hit. The wide beaker bottom offers plenty of space for the smoke to flow better before escaping via the slightly slanted mouthpiece.

Moreover, this amazing dab rig for sale also has multi-colored accents on the bottom, bowl, percolator, and mouthpiece, adding a chic touch to it. It also comes in various colors, so you can choose one that matches your preferences.

6. Medicali 9 Mil Beaker Base

Medicali 9 Mil Beaker Base Dab Rig

This exceptional dab rig from Medicali features an attractive design, and it's extremely functional. It offers portability, functionality, and stunning design. It also features a 9-mm thick borosilicate glass that is extremely robust. Besides, its compact and beautiful design, with a slightly wide base and a somewhat slanted neck, makes your smoking session enjoyable.

The diffuser downstem has slits, handy in eliminating debris and breaking down the smoke into tiny particles simultaneously. This increases the smoke's surface area and cools it making it smoother. With this dab rig also comes a Male Flat-top banger, perfect for multiple carb cups, letting you get the most from your concentrates.

7. Snoop Dogg Spaceship Puck

Snoop Dogg Spaceship Puck Dab Rig

This is another great product by Snoop Dogg, and it is among the most magnificent dab rigs in the market. It has a compact yet sturdy build. While a smaller dab rig translates to less water and little to no splashback, it also increases smoke per hit.

Additionally, a compact gadget is easier to clean, which is an essential factor to consider when buying a bong. There is a wide range of compact bongs in the market, but you should go for this one, especially if you're a beginner.

8. Dr. Dabber Diamond Perc Dab Rig

DrDabber Diamond Perc Rig

This glassware dab rig is hand-blown and among the best of the Diamond Glass products. With a height of 34 cm and a width of 9cm, it will definitely draw your attention. Even though this fantastic gadget has an alluring design, it is the interior that gets the job done.

When the smoke moves into the water, it meets the showerhead percolator, making the smoke rise in tiny bubbles. It also adds extra cooling and filtration. This device holds enough water to cool the smoke and increase stability efficiently.

9. Eyce Silicone Rig II

Eyce Silicone Rig II

Eyce Silicones Rig II is an attractive dab rig and is perfect for users who love dabbing, but at the same time, the ones that don't want to worry about durability. It features a robust silicon build, which is the reason behind this amazing gadget's sturdiness.

It is retailed as a complete kit with a dab tool and GR2 Titanium, and an in-built storage compartment where you can place your dabs. The in-built diffuser situated at the bottom of the downstem allows for excellent cooling and filtration, delivering smooth and flavorful dabs every time you use it. They come in different colors, which are continuously evolving, though they all look good.

10. Elev8 Cheese Recycler

Elev8 Cheese Recycler Dab Rig

This dab rig is unique since it has a Klein recycler. This is a kind of welded glass technology that is external and internal to the primary dab rig. The key role of this recycler is recycling the water while the smoke passes through it.

This increases the time the smoke spends filtering the water, meaning the dab produced will be smoother and cleaner than the one from a standard dab rig. It features a disc percolator with four holes, which are handy in breaking down the smoke into tiny particles, making it easier to filter before it reaches the Klein recycler.

11. Swiss Fab Egg Dab Rig

Swiss Fab Egg Dab Rig

This impressive gadget has an appealing design, and it also has a Seed Of Life percolator. If you want the best filtration, a SOL percolator is a way to go. This is mainly due to the Fab Egg design, which breaks up the smoke into small bubbles. This expands the surface area of the smoke that passes through the water for filtering and cooling.

Besides, it has a female joint; therefore, it should be easy to find a banger. While some might see this as a disadvantage, you can see it as an advantage in the sense that you can buy one that meets your design and color needs. The dab rig is 6.5 inches tall, and it will fit your hand perfectly. 

12. Comet Dab Rig Kit

Comet Dab Rig Kit

Ooze's compact rig is specifically designed for people who love concentrates, and it is also very reliable. It only takes 10 seconds to preheat it, and it perfect for users who love to dab on the go.

However, it would help if you watched out not to burn the nail due to back-to-back hits. Its compact size allows you to carry it conveniently and take a hit discreetly. This dab rig is built to impress in terms of performance, design, and portable size.


Even though these are not all the available options in 2021, they are the most reliable and best designed currently. Out of all the dab rigs on this list, the Hephaestus is our top pick for 2021.

It depends on what the user is looking for. Some individuals prefer bigger gadgets, while others prefer smaller ones which they can use on the go. Therefore, if you have been looking for the best dab rig, maybe to add to your collection, or replace a faulty one, check out our 15 best dab rigs and choose the one that meets your needs.

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10 Best Torch Lighters for Dabs in 2021

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What is a Torch Lighter?

A torch lighter is a device that creates an intensely hot flame, usually from a flammable gas like butane. A torch lighter lights up faster, and the hot flame makes it the best option for lighting up cigars since you do not have to puff at the cigar to evenly light it up.

Types of Torch Lighters

Torch lighters are a heavy-duty type of lighters, and unlike the basic ones, they use butane as fuel and not naphtha. They are excellent for lighting cigars and other outdoor activities because they have strong and steady flames. Torch lighters come in three forms;

  • Single Jet Torch Lighters


These torches are also known as single flame torch lighters and produce a thin needle-like flame. They have an intense flame that is blue in color. They are best for large gauge cigars since their intense flame will quickly burn small-gauged ones.

  • Double Jet Torch Lighters

Double Jet Flame Torch Lighter

As the name suggests, they come with two flames and feature a burning catalyzer in the internal cylinder. It also gives off double of more the temperature intensity as single flame ones. They are good for outdoor activities, especially the quality torch lighters, which are windproof.

  • Triple Jet Torch Lighters

Triple Jet Torch Lighter

These have three flames, which gives their flame a higher intensity and larger surface area. As a result, they can comfortably light cigarettes with gauges larger than 48. They are quite complex and require careful handling to avoid burn risks. The build of the torch should also be leak proof to keep the butane in. It is critical that you practice using and handling it first.

There are a few models in the market which feature quadruple flame designs, and they have the hottest flames. Another unique type featured among the Zippo lighters is the Candle Lighter. This lighter is powered by a lithium-ion battery and uses no fluid to create the flame. The battery ignites and creates an electrical arc that produces a flame.

What are torch lighters for?

Torch lighters are versatile tools useful for a wide range of applications requiring a flame to be ignited. You can use torch lighters for;

  • Lighting cigars and cigarettes
  • Fireplace lighter
  • Lighting candles
  • Jewelry making
  • Camping applications
  • For welding and much more.

Can you dab with a torch lighter?  

Not really for two main reasons. First, you need to heat the nail long enough to get to the right temperature, and this may consume almost the whole torch lighter fuel. Secondly, you need to have a torch lighter not made of plastic that will melt with the heating or heat up during the process. As a result, torch lighters are not the best for dabbing.

Torch Lighter For Dabs

10 Best Torch Lighters in 2021

1. INHALCO Triple Jet Torch Lighter

INHALCO Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighter

The INHALCO Triple Jet Torch Lighter has several things going for it. First, it has a pocket-friendly design, which makes it excellent to carry and use on the go. Its high-quality zinc alloy material gives it extra durability and prevents any leakages. The triple jet produces an intense flame and fast lighting action even in windy conditions.

It comes with a refillable valve at the bottom for further convenience, and there is also a flame regulator to control the amount of flame as you desire. You also get a fuel window so you can check on the level of butane and refill in time.


  • A sturdy build
  • Fast ignition
  • Offers safety with the flame regulator
  • It comes with a fuel window.


  • It lacks any accessories.

2. TOPKAY Torch Lighter

TOPKAY Torch Lighter

TOPKAY's torch lighter has a trendy design, with its whole tank being visible to allow you to keep track of the butane level. At the top, three burners produce a powerful and windproof turbo jet flame. It is also wide enough to evenly light up wide circular cigars. It is quite a versatile lighter coming in handy at all indoor and outdoor lighter applications.

A unique feature is the manual open safety cap on top of the burners. There is also a large adjustment knob for easy control of the flame. The lighter comes with a 90-day moneyback guarantee.


  • The adjustment knob provides a safe way to handle the flame.
  • It has a reliable and robust flame.
  • Best suited for different outdoor uses.
  • Quality guarantee
  • The excellent design allows the content of the whole tank to be visible.


  • It comes with a manual cap.
  • Misses out on the unique accessories of top brand models

3. Moretti Churchill Lighter

Moretti Churchill Lighter

For quality on a budget, you cannot go wrong with the Moretti Churchill lighter. It has a sturdy design topped up with rubber for an excellent grip. The lighter has four burners, which produce a broad and consistent flame. It also comes with a flip-out cigarette cutter. The oversized tank comes with a viewing window to tell the extent of the butane.


  • It has a sturdy design.
  • Sides do not heat up even with extended lighting.
  • Has a firm grip
  • Four burners produce a wide flame that lights cigars evenly.


  • It is a challenge to refill
  • Flame may not work in strong winds.

4. Vertigo by Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Lighter

Vertigo by Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Lighter

The Vertigo lighter features a rugged yet good looking design with a huge fuel tank. Its triple flame is windproof and quite hot. The tank allows visibility so you can track fuel levels. It uses an ingenious double action, quartz ignition. It also comes with a durable cloth pouch for further protection.


  • Its rugged design offers durability.
  • Features a wind-resistant triple flame
  • Affordably priced
  • Easy to refill


  • Available in only one color
  • You have to adjust your flame settings considerably.

5. Zippo Lighter Inserts

Zippo Lighter

If you are a fan of Zippo lighters, these inserts are an excellent go-to option. They come in three options; single torch, double torch, and double arc flames. The double arc Zippo insert is a rechargeable option that provides two strong plasma arcs for maximum ignition. They can fit all regular sized Zippo lighter cases.


  • They are built for long-time use.
  • Have fast and easy ignition
  • Come with a 2-year ZIPPO warranty.
  • They are light and extremely portable.
  • Offer more lights from a single fill or charge.


  • They can only work with ZIPPO lighters.

6. Mantello Catador Triple Jet Flame Butane

Vertigo Cyclone Triple Torch Lighter

The standout feature of the Mantello Catador triple jet flame is its elegant design, which features an ergonomic grip for one-hand handling of the lighter. The beautiful design underlies a robust build that gives this lighter a long shelf life. It uses a triple jet flame and comes with a punch cutter as an added accessory.


  • It has a powerful windproof flame.
  • The sleek design makes it fun to carry around.
  • Easily refillable
  • Easy to ignite


  • It needs plenty of adjusting for proper lighting.
  • It has no viewing window to spot the butane level.

7. Case Elegance Double Torch Lighter

Case Elegance Double Torch Lighter

For a modern, classy look, the Case Elegance double torch lighter is an excellent option. It features two burners that produce two double jet torches with a strong flame without any heating up. Its stainless-steel casing is elegant and sturdy while offering a fuel gauge window. Its packaging makes it perfect for sending as a gift. Like most quality torch lighters, it comes with a foldable punch cutter.


  • Elegant design and gift-ready packaging
  • It does not heat up while lighting.
  • Easy to refill and operate


  • The light can go out in windy conditions.
  • The fuel gauge may not be visible in darker conditions.

8. TOMOLO Torch Lighter Triple Jet Flame

TOMOLO Torch Lighter Triple Jet Flame

The TOMOLO torch lighter is all about practicality and convenience. For instance, the top lighter is made with zinc alloy, which is more durable, while the whole tank is made of transparent plastic. It also comes with a punch cutter, but it is inbuilt for easy operation instead of a foldable one. It is also lightweight and highly compact. 


  • Features a triple jet flame that is windproof
  • The transparent fuselage tank allows you to track fuel levels easily.
  • It has a convenient flame adjustment mechanism.


  • It can be tricky to refill

9. PILOTDIARY Butane Torch Lighter

PILOTDIARY Butane Lighter Adjustable Double Jet Flame

The PILOTDIARY butane lighter features an anti-leakage design. The zinc alloy also ensures the lighter has a long lifetime. It also has a double jet flame, which you can adjust easily using the flame dial at the base of the lighter. Despite its zinc material, there is a visible window to check the butane levels and fill it in time. It is available in gold, silver, and black hues.


  • It is leakproof
  • Easily refillable
  • The company provides services and a warranty for the lighter.
  • Strong double jet flame


  • The fuel tank is quite small.

10. Personalized Triple Torch Cigar Lighter

Personalized Triple Torch Cigar Lighter

The Typhoon personalized lighter offers you several options of customizing your torch lighter, including engraving it. Performance-wise the triple laser flame emits a powerful flame that will light up even big cigars in a flash. It is available in three colors, further increasing your options. It also comes with a retractable bullet cutter.


  • It produces a windproof triple jet flame.
  • Easily customizable
  • It is compact and light for easy portability.
  • It is easy to maintain


  • The build is slightly weaker compared to other options.

How to refill a torch lighter?

How to refill a torch lighter
  • Pick the right quality of butane with high purity. The butane can should also have an extended nozzle for easy refilling.
  • Drain out any leftover fuel from the tank.
  • Turn the flame adjuster to its lowest setting.
  • Turn the torch lighter upside down and press the butane can nozzle into the refill valve.
  • Do not pump the fuel into the tank but let it drip in. it will take about 15 seconds or less depending on tank capacity.
  • Once the tank is full, stop refilling and leave it to rest for 2 minutes to get the fuel to room temperature.
  • Adjust the flame setting back to the desired level before using the lighter again.

    How to choose the best torch lighter

    Finding the right torch lighter gives you the correct value for your money. It also ensures you not only get a high-quality product but also one which matches your needs and your preferences. Here are the main things to consider.

    • Flame Type

    Torch lighters have an intense flame, but your selection should depend on the type of cigars you are using. Smaller flames work well with smaller cigars. You also want to get a torch lighter that has a windproof flame to avoid inconveniences while in outdoor environments.

    • Flame Control

    The best torch lighter should come with a flame adjustment mechanism. It is a safety feature and allows you to control the intensity of the flame and direct it to the tip of the cigar. The adjustment mechanism should be easy to operate and sturdy to withstand repeated use.

    • Size and Ergonomics 

    Size is a crucial consideration, especially if you are planning to be carrying the lighter in your pocket. You may also have to consider the size of your

    hands in relation to the balance they will offer as you handle the lighter. The best lighter also comes with an ergonomic design and good grip. These latter aspects are crucial if you plan to use them in other outdoor activities.

    • Ignition Type

    Check out if the torch lighter uses a piezo ignition, which is more efficient and nowadays the choice of most top brands. Cheaper and older brands maybe using flint ignition, which is dependent on environmental factors and thus unreliable.

    • Versatility

    If you are going to invest in a pricey torch lighter, then it should do more than just light cigars. The more versatile a torch lighter is, the more uses you can have, especially outdoors. The best models can work at camps, barbecues, and lighting furnaces.

    • Extras

    The extras that come along with a torch lighter increase utility, convenience, and the quality of the lighter. They include a warranty and the duration, which speaks of the confidence a company has in its products. Others include an easy refill mechanism, gift box packaging, fuel level visibility, and an inbuilt cigar punch.

    Using this criterion and the above list will help you narrow down your options in a crowded niche. Pick one that reflects your budget, preference and offers you the most for your buck.

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    What is an Ash Catcher and Reclaim Catcher?

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    Ash catchers and reclaim catchers are the accessories that dabbers must-have for their dab rigs.

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    What is A Dab Rig and How to Dab?

    Posted by Sharon Stone on

    Dab rigs take concentrates to the next level. A powerful and exciting method of using concentrates, dabbing, delivers the most mind-blowing effects. It is the purest method of imbibing these delicate, high-quality, and expensive concoctions.

    What is a Dab Rig?

    Swiss Fab Egg Dab Rig

    A dab rig delivers so much in terms of purity and intensity. It's a glass device with a combination of tools and accessories designed to vaporize concentrates. Just like bongs, dab rigs filters vapor through the water at its base. However, dab rigs are small than the bongs, providing less drag, so the smoke moves to the lungs in a quick manner and retains more potency. Dab rigs are not for beginners; they are best in the hands of legends who appreciate the strong, streamlined effects and heavy flavors that the extract and dab rigs provide. There are several components required to use dab rigs and pipes. Herein are the materials that are required to use a dab;


    It's a device that is used for the consumption of concentrates. Most of these rigs are made up of a glass water pipe that vaporizes concentrate. Dab rigs and bongs are considered rigs. The rig connects to a nail or bowl.

    Dab Nail:

    It is an element of heating that is attached to a rig. It's made out of glass, ceramic, quartz, and titanium. Each material has its own unique set of slightly different qualities that help them retain heat for a given period. The longer the retention, the better. There are different types of dab nails whose heating temperatures vary differently.

    Quartz Nail

    It heats up very quickly; however, it has very less heat retention. This allows the dabbers to get to ideal temperatures quicker and enjoy their terpenes' true flavors. It never gives off harmful gasses since it's the type that heats up fast.

    • Electric Nail:

    Enail Kit

    Unlike quartz nail, it's the most expensive nail. E-nail is an element of heating that is powered by an electric current. It has a box controller that drives the electricity flow to a coil, which then heats the nail. For electric nail, you don't have to wait for temperatures to cool off to load concentrate on the nail; it regulates its own heat to desirable good temperatures.

    Dabber(Dab Wand):


    A Dabber(also known as Dab Wand) is a must have dab tool for every dab lover. There are variety of types of dabbers in the market now. Stainless steel, titanium, quartz and glass are the most commonly used materials. Choosing which dabber is usually determined by the concentrates that you intend to use.

    Dab Wax:

    Dab Wax

    This is the concentration that is added to a dab rig for vaporization to take place. It is a dose of concentrate of half-size a grain of rice put in a banger and vaporized for inhaling.

    Dab Container:

    Concentrate Container

    They are nonstick containers made of either silicone or glass and can be used for storage containers for wax. They are accessories used by anyone who is regularly dabbing, and it is already known that waxy buildups can plague incorrect storage space.

    Carb Cap:

    Carb CapIt's like a lid; it covers your dab as it vaporizes. A carb cap traps heat and allows you to have a long time for your dab session before it needs to be heated again. It lets you dab at lower temperatures; high temperatures interfere with the terpene's concentrate flavors, to the extent of burning the extract.

    Quartz Insert:

    Quartz Insert

    They are bucket-shaped containers that are loaded with concentrate and placed inside a banger. They are made to fit in a banger. The insert creates a thick barrier of the quartz between your banger's bottom side, concentrates on the direct heat, and helps with temperature control. With this barrier in place, your concentrates are well vaporized by induction instead of the direct-contact heat. In fact, you can try and skip your 'cool-down' time at once and place the insert inside your banger right after hitting it up a torch and still get a super low-temperature dab.

    Terp Pearls:

    Terp PearlsThey are tiny pearl-like balls that assist you in achieving low-temperature dabs that preserve terpenes. The goal is to achieve lower-temperature dabs; terp pearls are a hit. With terp pearls, dabbers will experience less "puddles" and more flavorful hits. There will be no room for burning high-quality concentrate.


    Butane Torch

    Unlike E-nail that uses electric current, a torch is used to heat a traditional nail to the desired temperatures. The torch heats the nail that vaporizes the concoction for dabbers to inhale and feel a lot of goodness.

    How Does A Dab Rig Work?

    Dabbing offers powerful highs and a flavor-packed experience. Heat is not directly applied to the concentrate. Dab rigs vaporize the concentrates without the need for combustion. By heating its nail for a given period of time, a hot surface glows, turning the concentrate on the nail into vapor. As you inhale, the vapor is drawn from the water chamber to your lungs.

    A Step-by-Step Procedure of Dabbing

    Step 1

    Secure your nail to the dab rig. It is absolutely very crucial. Ensure it is well-positioned and fastened to avoid wobbling before you heat it up.

    Step 2

    After heating the nail fully using a heating element, it is advisable to heat the nail uniformly until you notice a reddish glow on the hot nail. Depending on the nail's thickness and your torch's power, heat your nail for 30 seconds. Some nails have materials that heat quickly while others are slow on heat. If you are using a quartz nail or banger, heat it until it turns red.

    Ensure the nail is not so hot to burn the extract but hot enough to vaporize the concentrate immediately; it lands on the nail. It's a delicate balance, which is why an electric nail can work best since its heat is always under control. It might be expensive but worthwhile.

    Step 3

    Let the nail cool down. The amount of time you need depends on the thickness and material of your nail or banger. However, a general rule is to let your nail cool twice as long as it took to heat it. The nail retains its heat after torching, therefore, be cautious not to burn your skin. Low-temperature dabs have very high flavor but smooth on the lungs.

    They give a good hit to veterans when inhaling. If using an electric nail, you don't have to wait for it to cool down. The current will heat the nail to the precise temperature you tell it to. Your nail's target temperature should be around 300-450 degrees Fahrenheit (149-232 degrees Celsius) to get the most flavor out of your concentrates; the highness that comes with it is heavenly!

    Step 4

    After the heat is lowered, using a dabber, place as much concentrate as you want on the dab's rig hot nail. When you heat properly, the concentrate evaporates very fast. Place your mouth slowly on the dab rig, and calmly start to inhale the vapor. Don't be quick to inhale. Else you will choke and mess with your throat or even the lungs, be slow on the concentrate.

    In case you cough, the heat on the nail might still be high; allow it to cool off. Place a carb cap on the banger to vaporize the dab better while inhaling. The cap should be airtight until all the extract has evaporated. It traps all the heat to ensure you get a breathtaking experience. To clear all the vapor out of the rig, lift the cap for air to escape. You start experiencing the impact of the dab within seconds after exhaling.

    Step 5

    Once finished inhaling, ensure to clean your nail. During dabbing, toxins collect on the nail. Therefore, always keep the nail clean to avoid the residue from changing the flavor when having another session of dabbing. First, allow the nail to cool down a bit, then use a cotton dipped in alcohol to wipe the inside of the warm nail and clean away excess residual from the nail. Besides, cleaning the nail makes your dab rig last for a long period of time.

    How to dab without a rig?

    Dab rigs are really fun and efficient; however, they are not the only tools that one can use to consume concentrate. Some ways are more convenient if you do not want to attract a public eye. While others are cost-effective. Whatever the reason, it is worth the effort to learn more than one method of smoking dabs.

    (1) Use a Nectar Collector to Dab

    Nectar Collector

    A nectar collector also called a dab straw, does not waste any wax. Nectar collectors are becoming increasingly more common. A nectar collector is an elementary device that is generally very easy to use and easy to clean. To use a nectar collector, you will need a dab mat and a torch. After you place the extract in a glass, heat the nectar collector's tip with a torch until it's reddish.

    Allow the device to cool off, place your mouth, and then inhale gently from the sector's cool side. There are also electric nectar collectors that make torches completely unnecessary to carry.

    (2) Water Bong or Bubbler

    Water Bong

    A bong is not as complex as a dab rig. It's a simple filtration device with a bowl, carb, stem, base, and tube. First, you put water in the bong. Then load the bowl with a concentrate. Light up the bowl as you inhale gently. The smoke is filtered through the water for a smooth hit.

    (3) Wax Vaporizers

    Wax Vaporizer

    Wax vaporizers come with all that you need to get started, including a cleaning brush. They are specifically designed with the products of wax in mind. The vape pens use the lithium-ion as well as batteries of the lithium-polymer and durable waxy chambers to heat wax products consistent until the production of vapor.

    (4) Dab Pen

    Dab Pen

    Dab pen, also called a wax pen, is a pen-style vaporizer for concentrate called wax. They have rechargeable batteries attached to them; hard-hitting ones use coils while others use ceramic coil-less heating system geared towards vapor. Remove the cap to access the coil and load the dab directly into the heating chambers. However, ensure the device is charged and turned on to hold the fire button down while inhaling. A dab pen is easier to use than a dab rig.

    How to clean a dab rig?

    You will need the following substances to clean and leave the components of your dab rig sparkling clean:

    • 99% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
    • Water
    • Sea salt
    • A sealable plastic bag
    • Cotton swab

    Step 1:

    Torch Your Nail

    When you torch your nail, you get rid of the combustion that can clog your nail. If the carbon burns remain on the nail, the flavor in the concentrate changes as well. Torching will allow the build up of residual to burn off completely to prepare the dab rig for the next round. However, you can still soak a cotton swab in alcohol and clean your nail's surface to get rid of the residues completely.

    Step 2:

    Detach the nail, soak it in alcohol.

    Dabbing repeatedly causes the nail to have buildups. In case you touch, and still, the pin isn't clean enough, soak the nail in a container filled with alcohol then seal it. You can add salt and often shake the bag to remove the residue.

    Step 3 :

    Drain the water from your dab rig.

    It is advisable to change the water in your rig daily. Especially if you use your rig more often, drain the old water in a sink. This helps prevent the residues and ensure the flavor and purity of the vapor is a bit top-notch.

    Step 4:

    Add alcohol to the rig

    The bottom of your rig might have buildups too after heating. Fill it with alcohol. For deeper clean, add some sea salt until it covers the bottom part.

    Step 5:

    Shake your rig.

    You cover all the openings of your rig. You can use your hands or fitting caps then shake your rig well to dissolve the build ups around it.

    Step 6:

    Rinse the rig and nail.

    After shaking and clearing the build-ups from your rig and nail, rinse them well

    Using warm water. Keep shaking the rig as you rinse to wash off the remaining residue as required.

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