Honey Straw

Honey Straw which we also call Nectar Collector is an inventi...

Honey Straw which we also call Nectar Collector is an inventive way to dab. The range of Honey Straws and Glass Straws are all a type of vertical dabber to give you a better way to consume your herb wax. Simply heat the tip and put it on your wax.

The Honey Straw is an incredibly versatile device that should be in every dab enthusiast’s arsenal. Whether you're always on the go or find yourself kicking back at home — the honey straw is a must-have tool.

Let's take a look at what makes a honey straw unique and why you need one in your collection.

What Is A Honey Straw?

Before we describe what a honey straw is — you must understand the different names — Nectar Collector and Dab Straw

A honey straw is a portable dab tool that's used to dab concentrates. Unlike full-size dab rigs, honey straws resemble oversized pens. They are simple by design, and they allow users to dab concentrates directly.

However, there isn't a single type of honey straw. Honey straws come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Let's take a look at the different types of honey straws available.

The Different Types of Honey Straws

Now that you understand that a honey straw is a mini dab tool, it's time to differentiate between the three types of honey straws. Understanding the different types of honey straws is essential because each type can impact your overall experience.

Silicone Honey Straw

Silicone honey straws by far the most durable types of nectar collectors available.

If you're always on the go, then a silicone honey straw is a perfect choice. Once a dab session is over, you can clean the silicone honey straw and toss it into your bag without worry. Unlike glass honey straws, a silicone honey straw can withstand daily abuse.

Silicone honey straws are ideal for beginners because they are incredibly affordable.

Additional benefits of using a silicone honey straw are:

  • FDA-approved silicone material
  • Non-stick surface
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA-free

Overall, the silicone honey straw offers a unique dabbing experience at an entry-level cost. If you have concerns, read: are silicone bongs safe.

Glass Honey Straw

Glass honey straws are genuinely a pleasure to dab with.

As you dab with a glass honey straw, the flavor is unaffected. The reason behind this is because glass does not leach any unwanted flavors or aromas into the smoke as you inhale.

However, it must be understood that glass honey straws are fragile. This means that it's best to leave your glass honey straw at home.

Although the fragility of glass honey straws impacts its versatility — there's no denying the incredible flavors when using a glass honey straw.

Glass honey straws are made from borosilicate glass, which is notable for durability. Furthermore, as the smoke passes across the glass surface, no molecule is left behind.

Electric Honey Straw

The electric nectar collector is a significant upgrade from non-electric nectar collectors.

Electric nectar collectors do not require a mini-blow torch to heat the tip, but instead, utilize a long-lasting battery. Electric nectar collectors reach the perfect dabbing temperature in no time, and you'll never waste another second.

Furthermore, electric nectar collectors are safe to use. Once the dab session is over, the electric nectar collector cools down quickly.

Electric honey straws are the epitome of convenience, and you'll always find yourself reaching for an electric honey straw before anything else.

The eStraw TOKER is the perfect example of what an electric nectar collector should look like.

Glass Electric Honey Straw

A glass electric honey straw is everything that the electric nectar collector is — with the added benefit of glass.

By infusing glass into the overall design of an electric nectar collector, glass electric honey straws offer a combination of convenience and impeccable flavors.

If you're ready to experience the best of both worlds (glass and electric-powered), the Glass Bulb Electric Nectar Collector is a must-have.

Honey Straw With Water Filter

No honey straw collection would be complete without a honey straw with a water filter.

The dabbing experience offers a smooth, vapor-like smoke. However, an attached water filter to the honey straw enhances the overall experience.

As you dab, the smoke is filtered through the water and ensures that each hit is easy on the lungs. Additionally, watching the bubbles swirl in the water filter as you dab is an extra layer of fun.

How To Use A Honey Straw

The honey straw is incredibly easy to use.

If your honey straw is not electric, then you will need a mini-blow torch. Similar to a dab rig, heat the tip to your preferred temperature. Once the tip is adequately heated, place the tip directly onto the concentrate.

Once in contact with the concentrate, begin inhaling for the mouthpiece. Once you're satisfied, pull the tip away from the concentrate — it's that easy!

Electric nectar collectors are even easier to use. All you need to do is power on your electric honey straw and begin dabbing.

How To Clean A Honey Straw

Cleaning a honey straw is a quick process.

First, take your honey straw apart. Once you've removed the tip, you should see how dirty your honey straw is. Next, rinse the entire device with isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol should break down the majority of grime that builds up in honey straws.

The Different Types of Tips On Honey Straws

Honey straws are typically equipped with one of three tips. Each material has its pros and cons, so let's take a look at each.

Quartz Tip

Quartz is by far the best type of tip for honey straws. Overall, quartz tips are durable, heat quickly, and retain the most taste. In general, many honey straw enthusiasts prefer quartz tips over the rest.

Titanium Tip

Titanium tips are the most rugged tips available for honey straws. Many people choose titanium tips for durability and excellent heating times.

Ceramic Tip

Last but not least is the ceramic tip. Ceramic tips heat up fast, and you'll be dabbing in no time. However, ceramic is the most fragile of the bunch.


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